Isik Abla, from jihad to Jesus, evangelizes Muslims in 150 countries

Isik Abla was a Muslim from the Middle East, brought up according to Quranic principles. At 12, she finished Koranic school, and her little girl's dream is to die for Allah.

MBut beaten, humiliated, treated like an animal all her childhood, the brilliant little girl turned woman is suicidal. She wants to end her life. However, his boss is a Christian. He emanates the love of Jesus and never misses an opportunity to witness to his faith. When Isik asks him “Why are you so good?” He always replies that there is nothing good in him, “This goodness comes from Jesus, who lives in him”.

At this time, Isik was engaged in jihad through education. It finances the studies of young activists in the largest universities in the world, with the aim of infiltrating the highest levels of business and administration.

The day, when she decides in her heart to put an end to her life, her boss summons her to his office, because God has revealed his plan to her. He then shares the full Gospel message with her, and tells her that if she makes Jesus the center of her life, he will change her whole life!

“I felt the presence of God, I had never felt it before.”

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As Saul the persecutor of Christians, received a revelation on the road to Damascus, Isik also received the revelation of Jesus that day, in his boss's office. And like Saul, who became the apostle Paul, she put her whole life at the service of the Gospel. She founded a television and internet evangelistic ministry. In many Muslim countries Christians risk death if they are seen with a Bible in hand, but television programs reach them.

Isik's ministry affects more than 150 countries, on all continents. Its role is to reach Muslims around the world through the love of Jesus, through television programs in several languages. Only one week before the registration of the Christian Post interview, 57 Kenyans converted to listening to a single program.

“I love Muslims and want them to become free the same way I have been. I want the light to penetrate their darkness. ”

Isik is also very sharp about the ideology conveyed by Islam. For her, Islam is not a religion of peace.

“Islam can only bring peace with the sword. They will behead you. If you give up your religion, if you give up your faith, then they will allow you to live, under their laws and their dictatorship. ”

She is convinced that Islam succeeds in recruiting young people for jihad, including in the West, because Islam gives them a purpose in life, and the videos disseminated through websites and social networks, offer them find a purpose.

“They present Islam as a fight for freedom, as a heroic religion, where people die and kill for Allah. I was like that, I look very modern, and that's the scariest part. And I don't want to scare you but we have to take this into account. Islam today seems very modern…. I look modern, but if you had told me, 'Go and kill for Allah!', I would have been on the front line. ”

Isik invests himself so that these young people find another purpose, and that they can use this zeal that they have for jihad, to spread the message of the Gospel.

“When Paul came to Jesus Christ, his zeal changed. He has shifted to a zeal, like me today. And that zeal is loving, building, caring, the truth, and having the mindset of the kingdom. This is the kind of zeal that animated the apostle Paul. ”

We hear more and more often that Muslims and Christians serve the same God, but in a different way. Isik is strongly opposed to this idea. Regarding jihad, she says:

“Is this God? Can it be God? Can this be the creator? Can it be Yahweh, the great I am? ”.

For her, the doctrine that Muslims and Christians serve the same God is the Anti-Christ.

“It's anti-christ, it's humanism. But when we are in Christ and we know the Word of God, we know the word, there is only one name, and that name is Yeshua Mashiah. You have to understand who you serve to find your identity and to find your purpose. ”

Find some excerpts from the interview for the Christian Post, in this video.

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