Jews, Muslims and Christians march for peace in Israel and the West Bank

The movement Women Wage Peace Gaining momentum in Israel and the West Bank, women have decided to stand up and march for peace. They want to spread a message of peace between Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities. Women are taking action to see the peace process breaking the deadlock.

Dince the women's march of last October in front of Benjamin Netanyahu's residence, initiated mainly by Jews, the movement has continued to grow. The marches are more frequent and welcome more and more participants, from all religions, cultures, and social categories.

“Last summer, after the murder of three Jewish teenagers and the murder of an Arab teenager, as people spoke out in fear and hatred, as guns sounded during Operation Bordure Protector ”in Israel and Gaza, while the politicians and the military were making speeches, we could no longer be silent. We decided to create a movement of determined women who are working to restart the peace process that is currently under way. deadlocked. ”

The track “Prayer of the Mothers”, by Yael Deckelbaum, accompanied by Lubna Salame, Daniel Rubin, Miriam Tukan, the Rana choir, the Hebrews of Dimona and singers from all sectors and all religions of Israeli society, became the hymn of this movement.

Mothers want peace and claim it by walking together.

“In our daily life, we are women of peace. We do not aspire to a utopian future because we want to change the reality of the present. ”

Discover the magnificent images of these marches made public on Twitter.


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