"Jesus takes care of you": Find out why these words are displayed on a Hindu temple in Pakistan

Christians distribute food to Hindus victims of attack in Pakistan.

Last month, the Hindu temple in the city of Bhong, in Pakistan's Punjab province, came under attack. Following a case of alleged blasphemy of a young Hindu, a crowd of Muslims attacked and set the temple on fire.

Christians at Pakistan's New Hope Church wanted to stand by these victims by distributing food to 100 Hindu families. And on September 2, the day of the distribution, on the pediment of the temple, we could see a banner, “Jesus takes care of you”.

Jamshed Thomas, member of the National Assembly, joined the Christians in this distribution.

“We condemn the attack and express our solidarity with our Hindu brothers. "

The government allowed the restoration and securing of the temple. 85 men who allegedly participated in this act of vandalism were identified. They were handed over to the police.


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