Jeremy Lin asks his fans to pray for a global revival

It is in an email addressed to his fans that Jeremy Lin, star of the NBA and committed Christian, asks them to pray for a revival.

“Please pray for an international revival. There are certain populations that God has put in my heart, like the Asians living in the United States, who are lukewarm in their faith; the billions of people in China who do not know Christ, as well as in Taiwan / Hong Kong. Obviously, I also care about other parts of the world, but these are very close and dear to my heart, ”he writes.

The basketball star also mentions that recent events, including the presidential campaign in the United States, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, racism and other global issues, have shown how the world is "as devastated as ever." .

“Fortunately, we can pray in the midst of the decay of this world, the name of God, as well as His glory will be revealed,” he declares.

Few months ago, Jeremy Lin confessed he was not happy in his NBA career, until God comes "to work his heart". Thus, he therefore also asks for more personal prayers, such as that of having "a pure heart, which does not mark and which plays only to please God".

Anne-Muriel Rahaingonjatovo

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