Interview with Jake Hamilton

Jake hamilton is a worshiper who wishes to convey the message of renewal and new reform. As an artist he wants to push the limits of creativity and as a father and husband he is committed to his family first. But above all, he is a lover of Jesus Christ and communicates to others his zeal and love for the one who transformed his life 15 years ago. Jake will be present in Prague alongside Ben Fitzgerald, Todd White and teams fromAwakening Europe. We thank him for having accepted to answer the questions of the editorial staff ofInfo Chrétienne. He modestly unveils his journey as a Christian musician, and also the journey of his family at the time of the announcement of his daughter's illness. Thank you Jake for your worshipful heart and your desire to see the Gospel spread with power.

  • Can you tell us about your meeting with Jesus?

During my teenage years I went to church occasionally with my family, but it was when I was 18 that I made the decision to accept the Lord Jesus. I worked with inner city children right away with the Salvation Army, and started leading worship and worship even though I had only been playing guitar for a few weeks. I didn't know what to play or what to sing, so I started devouring the Word and talking about it with my friends.

  • What was the trigger that marked the beginning of your ministry?

To be honest I was filling a role that no one else wanted in the camp where I was working during that time. I was scared and didn't know what to do, but from this experience I learned how God effectively uses our weaknesses. He likes to use the areas where we are most faltering so that he receives all the glory and honor.

  • Life is sometimes subject to hardship. Would you agree to share one with us, and especially to make us discover how you overcame it with the grace of God?

He cries with us but like a loving Father, he pushes us at the same time to move forwardI have a 13-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy, a condition that prevents her from walking, among other things. Two weeks after she was diagnosed with this disease, we were told that the child my wife was expecting would have autism. This child was fortunately born healthy by the grace of God, but it completely changed our life, and made us wonder who God was, and to question the way in which he was involved in our daily life. This has led us to the God of the Bible who communicates with us in our weaknesses and does not seek to turn away. He is intimately concerned according to his promise, he cries with us but like a loving Father, he pushes us at the same time to move forward. I don't have the exact theory as to why these things happen, and why my own daughter stays in a wheelchair, but I am convinced that God is using all of these things for his glory, and that he is righteous in everything. what he does.

  • What is the project or achievement that you are most proud of?

My family will never be sacrificed in the name of my missionWhat makes me most proud is that my family has always been the priority in my life, despite my ministry and my travels. She will never be sacrificed in the name of my mission. I fought to fully engage with God while protecting / loving my wife and 3 children. While many sacrifice their families for their mission, I have chosen to take a longer, slower path. I make sure that my house enjoys the first fruits of my gifts and my heart, in order to have a true heritage that lasts from generation to generation.

  • What is the biggest lesson you have learned through your ministry?

In ministry it is easy to isolate and be alone, in the name of our mission, our gift and the opportunities that are available to us. I learned that it takes a real community to have a real rebirth. We need to be surrounded by people who say 'no' to us, and to listen to them, even if we are not on the same page. If we are not surrounded by people we can trust so much, we will find ourselves in the uncertainty and instability where we take ourselves for God by controlling every step. And in this loneliness we will hurt people instead of delivering them.

  • And if we had to do it again ! What would you change

I would have favored relationships rather than opportunitiesI would have paid more attention to what my wife told me than to the opinions of others. I would have favored relationships over opportunities, and given more importance to intimacy rather than the many invitations. I hurt a lot of friends, brothers and sisters because I tried to maintain certain things when I should have learned to live fully.

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  • Do you have role models, mentors, people who push you to move on and be better?

There are many. Most of them don't have a platform and can't offer me a promotion either. They speak to me honestly and without any fear, and I listen to them. These people are Bryan, Seth, Michael, Kenyon, but above all my wife because she sees me in my moments of weakness, she knows what I am when no one is there, and knows me in my weakness.

  • Who is the biblical character who is a source of inspiration for you? And why ?

Among the characters that I prefer, there are those who are anonymous. Those who made a hole in the roof so that their friend could be with Jesus, the one who bore Jonathan's arms and accompanied him to the enemy's camp, saying "do what you have in your heart, here I am ready to follow you ”, those who did radical things out of love for God, so that others could have a personal relationship with him. These people do not seek glory or honor, but rather seek to serve others out of love for God.

  • What advice could you give to those who wish to embark on the same path as you?

It's not about you, and never will be.

Let those you know you can trust come into your life. Ask them what they see as a field of weakness and listen to them.

Spending time with the Lord each day is a non-negotiable basisSpending time with the Lord each day is a non-negotiable basis, don't be rigid and don't feel guilty, some days it can take hours, while others it can take minutes, but the goal is to spend time with God. "Seek first" the Kingdom and Justice. The everyday expression can change too, if you set yourself too many norms and rules this time will become frustrating and disappointing. See it as the seasons and the rhythms, just because it was like this yesterday doesn't mean it will be the same tomorrow.

  • How do you see your next years in the ministry? What is the project (s) that are close to your heart?

The family, the family and always the family. I want to sing, preach, and pray that there will be the greatest reformation the Church has ever seen. A reform at the family level. We are starting to look like a heavenly family. If I can already do it at home I could then set an example in my community, I can give only what I have and take back what is mine. How can we pray that the church will be like family if our home is in chaos? We must first start with what we have, where we are, and then we can set an example, including in our weakness.

  • The news is often troubled and sad. Persecuted Christians, adrift society, natural disasters, major ethical changes… What is your position in the face of these events? Are you more committed, attentive watchman, whistleblower, intercessor? ...

The answer: PRAYWe are called to be a voice and a pillar in society, to stand firm and steadfast. We don't have to solve all the problems, we have to live where God has placed us by his grace. This word of Jesus is explicit “all that the Father does, the Son also does likewise”. Our role is to teach others how to listen to the voice of God, so that they can deal with the issues they are good at and have wisdom in. BUT we must also be intercessors for our nation, our brothers and sisters, and the Body of Christ throughout the world. I am not called to appoint a leader for the nation, the Bible tells us that God does it in due time, but as a believer I am CALLED to pray. We are all intercessors called by God to pray, the harvest is great but there are few workers…. The answer: PRAY. We have the responsibility to pray, not on a typical model of someone else, but to pray, to have a conversation with God that will make history because we are his children, he listens and answers us.

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Jake, thank you for giving us time, and for sharing your journey with us. May the Lord accompany you and bless your wonderful family.


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