IVG: Olivier Véran is "not sure" that the bill aiming to extend the period will be carried out "to the end"

On October 9, the National Assembly adopted at first reading a bill on abortion aimed at extending the period of access to abortion from 12 to 14 weeks. 

Lhe proposal for a law on abortion carried by the member of the Ecology, Democracy, Solidarity group, Albane Gaillot, was voted by majority with 102 votes for and 65 against in October.

If this law which wishes, among other things, to extend the legal deadline for abortion was supported by many deputies, the government had been more reserved. This was particularly the case for the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran who had declared the subject "sensitive".

Ce Friday, while the deputies gathered in the hemicycle to examine the draft social security budget for 2021, the minister reiterated his reservations.

He said he was "not sure" that the proposed law to extend the timeframe for abortion from 12 to 14 weeks "will go through" as AFP reports on Twitter.

A statement that came as MPs were preparing to vote for a new three-year experiment to allow midwives to perform instrumental abortions.

This experiment, which was part of Albane Gaillot's bill (PPL), received the support of Olivier Véran. Faced with the uncertainties he evoked with regard to the PPL as a whole, the Minister proposed to go "faster" that the amendments concerning this experiment be voted separately "even if it means generalizing if the PPL goes to the end. . "

In a press release issued on October 10, theDoctor's orders was in particular positioned against this bill which also wishes to remove the conscience clause of physicians specific to abortion.


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