"It is the heart of a man who wants to touch his community": When a pastor opens a laundromat

The work of this pastor is respected by his community, "he is not building an empire, he is just seeking to build the Kingdom".

Chip J. Sanders is a pastor from a small town in Missouri, USA, and to bless his community he decided to open a laundromat. If history could give rise to a smile, he affirms it, this laundromat, "it is the heart of a man who wants to touch his community".

“It's the heart of a man who wants to reach out to his community: find a way for children and adults to have clean clothes. "

Because in the small town of Iberia, about 20% of the inhabitants live below the poverty line. Some houses do not have running water.

Among these families, some took their children out of school when they had no clothes to provide.

“It is difficult to have a vision of your life when you do not even have the dignity of having clean clothes to wear,” explains the pastor, who then wanted to meet this essential need.

“Each community has its own set of needs. If you just listen to what they are talking about, you can contextualize to meet the needs and solve the problems of the community. "

A local business enabled the community of Chip Sanders to acquire premises. Volunteers could take care of the work, but it was still necessary to finance the 300 dollars of materials and washing machines. The pastor therefore went to meet the Superintendent of the Southern Missouri District, Don E. Miller, who asked him why he was leading such a project.

"It is the heart of a man who wants to touch his community," replied the pastor, "to find a way for children and adults to have clean clothes."

The district then awarded a grant of $ 5000 for this project.

At a gathering of pastors, Chip shared his plan and offerings came in from all sides.

And this is how the entire community provided for the establishment of this laundromat. Construction is now imminent.

Chip's work is recognized by and respected in the city. “He's not building an empire,” says the superintendent, “he's just looking to build the Kingdom”.


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