It's a certainty: 20-week-old fetuses suffer from abortion

Jhitherto it was thought that a very premature baby was not viable within 24 weeks, but Dr. Colleen A. Mallory, professor of neonatology, observed the behavior of premature babies as young as 20 weeks. These small human beings weigh around 400 g and measure on average 23 cms,

“They move, react and develop in front of our eyes. We are witnesses of their humanity and their experiences of pain ”.

Those who are still in utero have the same behavior and therefore suffer during the abortion.

Dr Mallory comments:

"I could never imagine subjecting my tiny patients to such a terrifying procedure as dismembering them or giving them a cardiac injection."

His observations are part of a bill currently before the US Senate to ban abortions beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Elisabeth dugas

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