Islamic State assumes the murder of a teenager in Germany where citizens are increasingly alarmed

While Islamic State claimed responsibility for the murder of a teenager in Germany on the night of October 29 to 30, more and more compatriots of the young victim have been arming themselves for several weeks to cope with the rise in insecurity. The German police are keen to ensure the reliability of the Islamists' announcement, in particular to avoid panic.

Ln October 16, a 16-year-old teenager was stabbed to death and his 15-year-old friend thrown into the Hamburg river on the banks of which the two young people were walking. The Islamic State organization said through its agency Aamaq : “An Islamic State soldier stabbed two individuals in the city of Hamburg on the 16th of this month. He carried out this operation in response to calls to target citizens of coalition countries. " Berlin reluctantly engages in conflict in Syria and Iraq, but only for reconnaissance, logistical support and military training missions, which is sufficient reason to attract reprisals.

Beginning of October, the authorities announced that the Syrians had handed over one of their compatriots to the police who planned to carry out an attack on an airport in Berlin.

The need to secure oneself in addition to having police protection

This summer, peaceful Germany has experienced a series of attacks on its soil, five including three committed by refugees. ISIS claimed two of them. This armed violence is in addition to the sexual assaults committed by refugees on 1 women on the evening of the last New Year's Eve in the country, mainly in Cologne. Since then, the population has lived in growing concern, and more and more Germans are obtaining small arms such as pistols or tear gas bombs, according to the weekly Der Spiegel which specifies, in an article of October 29, that the number of permits of possession of weapons increased from 273 to 000 from September 2015 to September 2016. The general manager of the Federation of gunsmiths speaks of a new type of clientele.

Elderly people or mothers with small children buy gas pistols, which the police advise against, as they can be turned against their owners. "The need for security has increased dramatically in society," explains Jérôme Endrass, professor of forensic psychology at the University of Constance. The specialist adds that "we are more and more reluctant to accept uncertainty, to support the idea that something can happen".

An online vote opened less than two days ago on the website of spiegel, which does not, however, have the value of a survey, collected this afternoon nearly 87 opinions as to whether private persons should be able to arm themselves with tear gas and alarm guns; supporters of both camps were almost tied at around 400%.

The interior ministers of the Länder have decided toincrease the police presence to reassure the population. The authorities also want tighten the conditions for the sale of arms, already strict, in order to prevent terrorists from obtaining them. As these can be obtained more easily than ordinary citizens through jihadist channels, such as turning any object into a weapon by destination, the measure could limit the supply to the latter more than to the sowers of death.

At the same time, seeking more lenient skies economically and in terms of safety, more and more Germans fearing refugees are leaving their country to settle in Hungary, neighboring countries where the authorities are very strict on the reception of migrants.

Hans-Søren Dag

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