Iraq: "God willing, this is the final phase", would the battle for Mosul come to an end?

“God willing, this is the final phase”. The battle for Mosul may be over, Brigadier General Yahya Rasoul told the agency. to Reuters.

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IIt appears that the Iraqi forces backed by the United States are putting an end to 7 months of intense and grueling urban fighting, in the very heart of the city of Mosul. ISIS militants are holed up in what the military estimates to be a small area in western Mosul, around 9%.

“It's a very small area… God willing, this is the final phase. "

According to Lieutenant-General Qasim Nazzal, commander of the Interior Ministry's elite Ninth Emergency Response Division:

“Daesh is living its last moments… Daesh fighters are broken and are rapidly retreating. "

But the battle is formidable. The jihadists dispersed in small groups. Car bombings, snipers and bombings are the daily life of these “hostage quarters”. The trapped civilians are in danger and suffer from hunger. Since Friday, May 12, 10 people have fled Mosul every day.

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