Iranian Christians jailed: Maryam needs medical care and Ebrahim would like to see her mother dying

In Iran, the living conditions of Christians imprisoned for their faith are particularly difficult.

Une time the authorities lock Christians in prison in often arbitrary ways, as evidenced by the cases of Farsid, Amin, Hadi, Yaser, Saheb, and Mohammad, the living conditions of the prisoners, and the lack of appropriate care, are a real source of anguish for all Christians. Mohabat News, reports the case of Maryam Naghash Zargaran, whose state of health requires rapid treatment, andEbrahim Firouzi, whose mother suffers from terminal cancer, and who is refused all requests for exceptional outings to visit her.

Maryam's condition has reportedly deteriorated recently and requires emergency treatment. According to a co-inmate, she would have lost a lot of weight. The stressful conditions in prison worsened his congenital heart disease. In 2013, the young woman was taken into custody in the women's ward of the Evin detention center in Tehran, for having led a house church. Maryam went on hunger strikes to demand adequate treatment. She had thus been able to benefit from care outside, but had also seen her sentence extended to "compensate" for this period.

Last year, her family said the conditions of detention and the pressure pending trial had traumatized her. She would be in a great depression today.

Ebrahim Firouzi is also a “prisoner of conscience”. Accused of "promoting Christian Zionism, by trying to launch a Christian site, in contact with suspicious foreigners and performing religious services online", this new Christian convert was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He will not be released until 2020, and will then be exiled to Sarbaz, a private canton of Sistan-Baluchestan.

Her mom is suffering from cancer. She is too weak to visit him. All of Ebrahim's requests for special leave were rejected. He was never able to visit his mother.



source: World Watch Monitor

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