Iran: the regime soon shaken by Christianity?

The 370 Iranian Christians of Muslim origin, more numerous than the Christians of the historic churches recognized by the state, are they disturbing this Islamic republic?

iranian 3THEShia Islam is the state religion in Iran. The only recognized Christian churches are Assyrian or Armenian and do not have the right to celebrate in Farsi, the Iranian national language. However, Christianity is progressing. Open Doors speaks of 370 Christians of Muslim origin. They are considered unclean because they left Islam and are forced to meet in secret in homes. They are often harassed by the police, mistreated, imprisoned, even tortured or murdered. Iran is ranked 000th in theGlobal index of persecution established by Open Doors.

“Working with many converts who have experienced persecution and have left everything for Christ is a daily support to me ”

IranFather Humblot had to leave Iran, where he had lived for over 45 years, by order of his bishop, because his life was in great danger. After his departure everything was destroyed by the Islamist police, but his collaborators were able to hide. This Prado priest, who had obtained Iranian nationality, is now continuing his work of translation into Farsi in Paris with a whole team. If he can no longer receive and help Iranian converts, he nevertheless continues to encourage and teach them by email. Converted Christians come from all branches of Iranian society.

Father Humblot is happy in the ordeal: “My work is very simple: everything is prepared in hearts by the Holy Spirit Paraclete, therefore more Defender than Comforter. I only have to welcome, marvel and accompany by giving thanks. And working with many converts who have experienced persecution and left everything for Christ is a daily support to me ”

Elisabeth dugas

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