Interview with Sebastian Demrey

Sebastian demrey grew up in a Christian and musician family. He started singing in the choir at the age of 5 and devoted all his studies to music. After producing several French-speaking gospel artists and releasing 3 solo albums, his meeting with Jimmy lahaie will mark a turning point. The duo Inheritance then chooses to revisit in their own way the hymns "which have marked the faith and uplifted the hearts of so many believers for the last three centuries". The Heritage group will experience extraordinary success in French-speaking countries, but also in the United States, Madagascar and England. Sebastian agreed to answer questions fromInfo Chrétienne, and we thank him for having warmly opened a window to us on his journey with the Lord and on his projects.

  • Can you tell us about your meeting with Jesus? What was the trigger that marked the beginning of your ministry?

I grew up in church but it was at the age of 14 that I decided to walk for Jesus and offer my gifts and talents (music) in the service of the community of believers. After a spiritual retreat for my group of young people, I was particularly challenged by what my pastor had shared, that we must carry our cross and follow Jesus and offer him everything we have. You will understand that at 14, we don't have much ???? but what I had, the music, had to be given to him. It was then that I felt this call to dedicate my life to God. It is no longer my parents' faith, it has to become mine.

  • Life is sometimes subject to hardship. Would you agree to share one with us, and especially to make us discover how you overcame it with the grace of God?

He gave me a legacy not only musical, but spiritualMy father is currently going through a difficult season in his life, he is battling cancer. I know he is strong and will fight to the end, but his trust in God is unwavering. Just like him, I believe that God can heal him, but I also believe that God is in control of everything, and that if he decides to take him back to Him sooner than expected, then that is his decision. My dad is totally at peace with it, and while it's not that easy, I have to be too. He gave me a heritage not only musical, but spiritual. He has always been a "rock" for me, supporting me in my musical projects, encouraging me in the difficult moments of my life. God knew what path was laid out for me, and knew what kind of an earthly father I needed. We are both traveling companions on this earth, on this spiritual path, and I pray every day that God gives me the strength and the grace to trust him when he decides to take him back to him. I hope this day does not come right away ...

  • What is the project or achievement that you are most proud of?

Our goal is to sow spiritual and eternal seeds in the hearts of our children.My family. It is a project that is still ongoing, and will never stop. It is constantly evolving. I have three children and I have been married to Karine for 20 years. Our goal as a couple is to sow spiritual and eternal seeds in the hearts of our children and to influence them for God in the choices they will make later. What matters to me is not that they make music one day (although that would be very pleasing to me ????) but that they always have a great place in their hearts for God. It is for me as a parent, the project of a lifetime.

  • What is the biggest lesson you have learned through your ministry?

Humility. Through my journey in my faith and in music, I understood that humility is not to say "I keep it simple, I do little things for God that will go unnoticed, because I do not want to attract people. watch out for me… ”. Rather, I believe that it is knowing that it is God who gives and who takes back. In my field, I get a lot of compliments on my work and my artistic achievements, and honestly, you need that when you are a musician.

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A mason will not work half-way under the pretext that he wants to remain humble… Quite the contrary. When he participates in the construction of a house, he must work with excellence and give his best so that this house is up to the highest standards and that his boss recognizes the quality of his work. It is the same for me as a musician. However, when this is all over and I find myself alone, it is my responsibility to humble myself before God and give him everything back, the compliments, the encouragement, and to thank him for using me to encourage his church, and to proclaim the gospel. I pray to God that he helps me always to recognize that whatever I do, I do it through him.

I remember the words of my father, always good at telling me the real things:

“Never forget that this talent that you have received, you must put it at the service of God to encourage believers, but also to share the Gospel. It is he who gives, but it is he who also takes back. If you do what you want and if you ignore this call, God will be waiting for you around the corner ”.

  • And if we had to do it again ! What would you change

Spend even more time with my family, because traveling and music require many weeks a year away from home

  • Who are the people who have had a major role throughout your career?

I am thankful to God for the love and friendship I have with herMy grandparents, my parents and my pastors. They have been, and still are, a vital support for what I do. But the most important of these people remains my wife Karine. It is not easy to let her husband and her lover go outside the house for several days in a row. Even if it is for "the call of God" it is she who must "hold on" during my absence, and compensate with the children and the routine of life. I am grateful to God for the love and friendship I have with her. May God keep us firmly woven until the last breath.

  • Do you have role models, mentors, people who push you to move forward and become better?

My music teacher when I was in high school. He saw that I had a deep interest in music and gave me a lot of responsibility. He also offered me several challenges that I had to overcome. He told me that I had talent, but that it would be pointless if I didn't develop it. So I took his advice, and I pursued my graduate studies in music in Montreal and made it my life, my profession and my passion. Then I also had the privilege of collaborating with artists from the Christian community in my beginnings. They gave me a chance to serve alongside them and learn service, including Tabitha, Maggie Blanchard and Luc Dumont.

  • Who is the biblical character who is a source of inspiration for you? And why ?

David was playing fair with GodDavid. He was playing fair with God. He was able to express his sorrows and fears to her as much as his joys. And yet, despite his allegiance, he learned the hard way of the omniscience of this same God when he tried to hide his criminal actions. Through his repentance and this valley he had to cross, the Bible tells us that he kept his trust in his creator and remained faithful. It is a model and an example of humility for me, for all of us, who admit it, fear that one day the prophet Nathan will ring at our door to tell us a similar story ☹

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  • What advice could you give to those who wish to embark on the same path as you?

If you feel that it is truly God's call that prompts you to serve in music, then do it excellently to the best of your ability, and make your talent grow. Do not limit God in the works which he has prepared in advance for you and always keep a humble heart before him. Proverbs 3 tells you:

"Recognize him in all your ways and it is he who will level your path"

  • How do you see your next years in the ministry? What is the project (s) that are close to your heart?

I would like to tell you where I will be in 5 years, but I let God guide meIf God gives me the inspiration and the strength to continue, I would like to continue in music. With my musician colleague, Jimmy Lahaie, we are preparing in a few weeks the release of the new album Héritage Cantiques & Hymnes vol. 4 (May 2017). This project guided us on a great adventure, towards paths that were unknown and unforeseen to us. I love to see God working like this in our lives. I would like to tell you where I will be in 5 years, but I let God guide me ????

  • The news is often troubled and sad. Persecuted Christians, adrift society, natural disasters, major ethical changes… What is your position in the face of these events? Are you more committed, attentive watchman, whistleblower, intercessor? ...

I, who call myself a Christian, must be able to put into action what I believe and what I singI believe that in addition to making efforts to spread the gospel and make disciples (Jesus' commandments), I, who call myself a Christian, must be able to put into action what I believe and what I sing. Some causes are close to my heart than others, including social injustice in the face of children around the world who suffer from neglect and malnutrition. When we have the opportunity to do so, we organize partnerships with humanitarian organizations such as World Vision and SEL to follow us on the tours and present what they do to children in need around the world.

Sometimes I also have the opportunity to travel myself to certain countries to give time to these organizations which do extraordinary work and which much more often than not go unnoticed. With my family, we devote part of our finances to helping these children, locally and elsewhere in the world. What is the point of shouting loud and clear that I am a believer and that God is the only way, to raise your hands and sing during concerts if I don't take the time to lower my eyes and reach out to those who are prized in misery and injustice because of human sin. I will be accountable to God for my actions on this earth and I pray that he can find in me a faithful servant.

Sebastian, writingInfo Chrétienne thank you for your open heart and the sincerity of your answers. May God continue to inspire you, may he bless your family and especially your dad that we bring to the Lord in prayer.


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