Interview with Stéphane Quéry

Since many years, Stephane Query exercises his ministry throughout the Francophonie, first with the group “Les messengers”, then as a leader of praise and adoration in youth gatherings and in churches. In 2004, he founded the ministries Louange et Adoration Live (LAL) and traveled the Francophonie with his group, to bless the people of God and lead them in adoration. Stéphane agreed to answer questions from the editorial staff ofInfo Chrétienne. Today we invite you to discover his answers imbued with sincerity.

  • Can you tell us about your meeting with Jesus?

It all started when my sister sang songs from her church while washing the dishesIt all started when my sister sang songs from her church while washing the dishes. I started to question her about her faith. Then she gave me a Bible and I started to read it. In the meantime, I was invited by another guy to a house prayer meeting, a Christian I had just hired to restore my antique furniture. I was challenged from left and right as Jo-Anne and I were preparing our wedding, the construction of our house. I made the decision to go visit an evangelical church on a Sunday morning and Jo-Anne was kind enough to come. That same morning of July 10, 1983 we gave our hearts to Jesus. Our wedding invitations in our old religion were ready to mail, but we threw them in the trash to have more printed at our new address.

  • What was the trigger that marked the beginning of your ministry?

I entered the church as a sports teacher. Our church had a Christian school. 8 months later, the pastor asked me to become the youth pastor, I who had never been in a youth group, nor preached before. They put me up the mountain, and I learned to brake later. But before all that I was a trombonist for 6 years in the church, I started in the choir, then in quartets, then in duets. I think the real trigger was when I was started to be used to lead worship on Sunday mornings.

  • Life is sometimes subject to hardship. Would you agree to share one with us, and especially to make us discover how you overcame it with the grace of God?

The biggest ordeal is when my daughter lost her husbandI believe the biggest ordeal is when my daughter lost her husband two years ago. She was only 28 years old. We felt like we were going through a nightmare without being able to wake up. I remember we went to the southern United States to Florida, where some friends have a house to breathe a little. When I got there, I put the radio in the car to hear a commercial announcing a concert with Chris Tomlin 20 minutes from where we were. I bought the best tickets almost at the foot of the platform and that evening we experienced strong moments in the presence of God.

  • What is the project or achievement that you are most proud of?

My pride: To see young people who minister in praise with me take offI think my pride comes rather from seeing young people who minister in praise with me take off, like the group HEROIC NATION, Kevin Fleury a young man prodigy on the guitar who composes magnificent songs and of which you will go. hear about it, or Fabrice Seny Couty, my drummer, also a hyper-gifted composer and singer that you will hear about, and of course my daughter Mylen who will record her album at the end of May 2017 of which I am really proud. She went through waves and tides while remaining focused on God. A genuine worshiper. And of course I'm still proud of my 10 praise albums, my book, “Diary of a Worshiper”, and 25 years of full-time ministry. 😉

  • What is the biggest lesson you have learned through your ministry?

To be serious but not to take me seriously! Not to be in love with the preeminence and to look at the other always higher than myself.

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  • And if we had to do it again ! What would you change

I wouldn't change anything except that I would have learned the guitar instead of starting at 45 years old. 😉

  • Who is (are) the person (s) who has had a major role throughout your career? Do you have role models, mentors, people who push you to move forward and become better?

First, Pastor Samuel Lecompte, my spiritual father who taught me everything. A man of God, a friend, an extraordinary mentor. Pastor Mark Lecompte, a brother close to my heart who has always encouraged me to go further. Pastor Claude Houde, also a friend, an exceptional mentor who I would say, propelled me further, who taught me the spirit of generosity and excellence. Obviously my wife Jo Anne who is an incredible source of encouragement and a huge blessing. Michael & Sharmion Foucault (Top Chrétien) friends over 30 always there to support me, my friend Éric Célérier & Muriel (Founder of Top Chrétien) as well as his entire team.

  • Who is the biblical character who is a source of inspiration for you? And why ?

Obviously, David because he was that worshiper close to the heart of God. He was able to humble himself and admit his faults. Goliath's story is gripping, for his trust in God was so solid.

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  • What advice could you give to those who wish to embark on the same path as you?

“Why do I want to do this ministry?”Well, first of all ask the question: “Why do I want to do this ministry?”. Is it because it gives me a platform to present my music, or is it because I want to serve God and his people? To walk humbly even if you are a gifted musician! To be a Christian before being a musician, leader, chorister and technician. You are first in love with God and His Word. And how blessed you are to bless!

  • How do you see your next years in the ministry? What are the projects that are close to your heart?

First, I don't know where I will be tomorrow, so tell you what I perceive for the next few years of ministry? I will know how to answer you when God tells me to turn left or change direction! For now, I serve where He wants me to win souls, encourage, edify, and reconcile.

  • The news is often troubled and sad. Persecuted Christians, adrift society, natural disasters, major ethical changes… What is your position in the face of these events? Are you more committed, attentive watchman, whistleblower, intercessor? ... 

It always touches me to see brothers and sisters persecuted and abusedI would say yes. It always touches me to see brothers and sisters persecuted and abused. Our world will not improve. Yes, it will evolve, but it will not change. I try to do what I can with my buns and fish, so that God may multiply. For this reason I like to write a thought on Facebook almost every day to make people think, not to accuse them. To build and encourage people in their walk of faith in simplicity.

Stéphane, thank you for agreeing to respond to our interview. Thank you for your sincerity and generosity. May God bless you, and may he bless your family.

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