Interview with Franck Kvaskoff

Frank Kvaskoff minister in Australia and in various countries around the world. He disseminates his teachings free of charge over the Internet throughout Francophonie and anglophonie. Through "The Real Good News", he desires to see Christians grow in the life of the Spirit, manifest the fruit of the Spirit, and see signs and wonders accompany them. With his wife Christine, he sets up “The Healing Tent” every week in the markets, and prays for those in need of healing. They thus announce the message of the love of Jesus around them. Franck agreed to answer questions from the editorial staff ofInfo Chrétienne, and we thank him for his closeness, his sincerity, and his sharing of his desire to see the People of God enter into the grace and life of the Spirit.

  • Can you tell us about your meeting with Jesus?

Yes of course !

From the age of 6 or 7, I spoke to a person in the sky, I liked his presence when I spoke to him. I had, in those moments, a joy which itself gave me peace. A few years later, in my teenage years, my parents signed me up for a gym, I went there twice a week. Often I would wait for my mother on the sidewalk after class. I had noticed a sign that said: “Come and see”. So I had said to myself many times, that one of these days I would go and see what was going on there. I felt it would be a good thing for me to go, but I dared not enter.

Suddenly this peace multiplied in meThen when I was 21 I moved to Australia, to the city of Brisbane. I was staying with my uncle and aunt who were Christians. One evening, a cousin of mine told me about what Jesus had done for me, but also how my life could change if I let him be part of it, when she spoke to me, I felt this joy and this peace that I I was experiencing when I was 6 or 7 years old. I remember breaking down in tears when I agreed to pray with my cousin, in order to give my life to Jesus Christ. Suddenly, this peace multiplied in me.

Little by little I let myself be changed by the Holy SpiritA few days later, I wanted to read the Bible, I wanted to know the one who gave me this joy and this peace. The following Sunday my uncle and aunt took me to one of the churches in Brisbane, there were about 4000 people. Quickly I signed up to be baptized. Everything I read in the Bible or heard in church became a priority for me. I had this desire to do well, even if I did not always do it, I allowed myself to be changed little by little by the Holy Spirit ...

I returned to France 6 months after my new birth. There, I found this place with this sign where I had read, some 6 or 7 years earlier “Come and see”. The sign was no longer there, the inscription had been replaced by "Evangelical Church". I later found out that it was the same church it was when I left my gym class. I stayed for over 20 years in this local church, which had moved to larger premises in the meantime. I continued my progress there ...

Today, I continue to get to know my Daddy in Heaven, I continue to move forward, to discover God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and I must say that I love that very much.

  • What was the trigger that marked the beginning of your ministry?

Good question, I'm glad you asked me! ☺

"You need to meet the Holy Spirit, and also have a relationship with him"A radical turning point took place in my life in 2005. At that time we had left the church we were in to go to an English-speaking church, with my wife and my 3 children. This click happened one day when I was at home, where I heard a strong inner voice say to me, "You need to meet the Holy Spirit, and have a relationship with him as well." This thought was getting stronger and stronger as the days passed.

I had always been taught that the Holy Spirit was part of the Trinity, but that it was not to be prayed, or praised, or worshiped, that there was God and Jesus on one side, and the Holy Spirit on the other. I knew I had to “dig” so to know him, but I did not know how to do it, I was afraid of attracting the wrath of God if I turned to the Holy Spirit. So I looked in the Bible to find out who the Holy Spirit really was. Then I realized that he was God, that I could talk to him, pray to him, praise him. The first time I spoke to Him, I felt like the sky was going to fall on my head. I remember lowering my head that day when I said:

"Holy Spirit, I praise you, and I love you".

My everyday relationship with him grew strongerMy daily relationship with him has grown stronger, my entire Christian life has changed, it has taken a radical turn. Faced with this wonderful discovery, I began to write down the study I had done concerning the Holy Spirit, also explaining how one could have this fabulous and concrete relationship with Him. I wanted to share this truth with all my brothers and sisters. After I finished writing about the Holy Ghost, again, I heard a strong inner voice say to me:

“What you write will help a lot of people, and these pages will be read all over the world. "

At that point, I never thought I would start a teaching ministry a few years later. However, I had this enormous desire to make benefit Christians who needed it, of all that I discovered and that I had never been taught for more than 25 years.

It was only 7 years after starting my first writings that LVBN / TRGN was created.
This thought of teaching others has since developed in me. Today the teachings LVBN (La Vraie Bonne Nouvelle, French part), and TRGN (The Real Good News, English part), are read all over the world. Every day we receive testimonies of lives that are being revolutionized.

The primary purpose of our ministry is to help Christians learn to make full use of all that God has made available to them. Healing, provision in all matters, and security are things that God has given with the salvation in Jesus. But our purpose is also to share the good news of Jesus' grace to those who do not know it, using healing, the words of knowledge, and above all the love we have for people.

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In the end we haven't invented anything, we just have to reproduce what Jesus was doing, that's what we are trying to do at LVBN / TRGN.

  • Life is sometimes subject to hardship. Would you agree to share one with us, and especially to make us discover how you overcame it with the grace of God?

It is a delicate subject in the body of Christ ☺; this word is used in different ways in the Bible. There are, in my opinion, at least two different kinds of ordeal, besides the fact that sometimes people confuse ordeal with persecution, which has nothing to do with it.

Life in general can cause hardshipLife in general can generate trials: illness, job loss, divorce, etc. These trials have the particularity of often generating suffering, but I want to say that God has nothing to do with this. kind of situations. On the other hand, God asks us to perform certain actions in our life, in order to continue moving forward in the plan he has for us. These actions are "steps of faith", changes of thoughts, attitudes, which make it possible to resemble him more. Depending on my reaction, what God asks of me will turn into a blessing or a pain.

Oops! I now come back to your question. ☺

I am going to tell you about two experiences: one being a test of life, and the other, a step of faith that God asked me to take that I myself stupidly transformed into a test of suffering. Regarding the first event, we were in France. Our oldest son, Alex, was off for a snowboard weekend with his friends. The phone rang at the end of the afternoon, it was the ski resort doctor. He tells me :

“Mr Kvaskoff, your son Alexandre had a snowboard accident, it's pretty serious”.

Then he specifies:

"Your son was unconscious for a while, and now he's lost his memory."

In such moments, there are two solutions: to position oneself as a son of God, or as a simple human being. I mean when I hung up the phone I had a choice between breaking down or acting using what God had given me. I remember saying:

“My son is in perfect health, he will have no consequences from this accident, in the name of Jesus! ".

He remembered me, his family, but nothing elseIn short, I went to the emergency room of the hospital where our son had been transferred. There, I asked Alex if it was winter or summer, where he lived, if he worked or if he was studying… to each of my questions, he replied: “I don't know! ". He remembered me, his family, but nothing else. The neurologist came to see me to tell me that he had no good hopes after having examined him. He advised me to have him transferred to another hospital better equipped for everything related to the brain, but he had to give him a CT scan first.

We were in the emergency hall, my son and I, waiting his turn to scan him. It was obvious that his state of health did not really reflect the authoritative prayer I had made at home after hanging up the phone! But I forbade myself to let the situation affect me. I said to my son:

“Do you remember that we are Christians? ". He says yes. "Alright, I'm going to put my hand on your head and order your brain to work normally, and the CT scan doesn't show anything wrong."

That's what I did, in this crowded hallway. Apparently, nothing had happened ... However, the doctor came back to us, he did not understand the result of the scan, he said to me:

"I don't understand, there should be lesions everywhere, but I can't see anything."

40mn later, Alex said to me:

" Dad ! It comes back, I remember, I went for a weekend in the snow ”.

3 days later he had recovered 100% of his memory.

Advance even further in our lives, for the Gospel
As for the second experience, about 10 years ago my wife Christine and I prayed one evening, telling God that we wanted to move even further in our lives, for the gospel. I skip the details to get to the central point ☺. A few years later, under His leadership, we found ourselves in Australia. However, we did not arrive at all the way I had prepared for it. Here again, to make it short, we were without money, without work… I, who used to organize everything in my life, had a lesson to learn. I had to be willing to trust God in practice.

God was just asking me to take a step of faithFor over a year I wanted to run everything myself, organize everything, I refused to lose my human bearings. Because of my stupidity, I generated a lot of suffering in my life, as God just asked me to take a step of faith and trust Him. It is my attitude which transformed this step of faith into a test, and which caused great suffering.

It was the day when I accepted not to lose anything, to no longer manage things on my own but to let him, him, take my life in hand, that this "trial" became a blessing. I learned this lesson “the hard way” only through my fault. But today what freedom to let God take care of my life! The changes that God had made in my life were there to help me move forward, they had no purpose of suffering, and were not made to generate any, quite the contrary.

  • What is the project or achievement that you are most proud of?

I'm not the type to look back too much, so for me this would be the project we have in the works (as I am still writing the courses for it) at LVBN / TRGN. It is called (in French) "LVBN Actes". It is a two-year Bible correspondence course that we have been implementing since October 2016.

Become fulfilled ChristiansI wanted to give the opportunity to those who wanted to become accomplished Christians. I no longer wanted to see siblings being tossed about like pawns by the adversary because of a lack of knowledge or practice. I also saw too many people coming out of some Bible schools as they entered them because there was little practice.

We have developed one course per month on 24 different subjects, with a mandatory practice objective, in order to be able to move on to the next course. For example, at the end of the lesson explaining the greeting, you must have successfully announced the greeting to at least one person, in order to be able to receive the next lesson. Or if you take the course on healing, you must have prayed successfully for at least instant healing, in order for your course to be validated. So that at the end of the course, each student will have put all the courses into practice in his personal life.

  • What is the biggest lesson you have learned through your ministry?

There are so many !

Love peopleThe most important thing for me is that you have to love people unconditionally, and in order to love people unconditionally, I need to understand how much God loves me. I think this is the only solution to get to the end of a ministry. Without loving others, I won't get very far. Often one can confuse the performance and the love of one's neighbor, because they can be very similar in appearance. Love for the other is my basis, I can't do it 100% of the time, but I'm on my way.

You may feel like it is loving people to want your church full, to have thousands of ministry subscribers, or concert halls packed. However, there is a trap that we must avoid: all of these things are very good, but they have the particularity of being able to be motivated either by unconditional love of one's neighbor or by love of oneself. I am very vigilant on this point, so as not to fall into personal glory. For that I have an unstoppable parade ☺, I always keep this thought:

"If God said to me, 'Now you stop your ministry, and you go back to work in your old job', I would do it right away at no cost to me."

  • And if we had to do it again ! What would you change

I can't say that I regret the moments that have passed, except perhaps the fact that I could have let the Holy Spirit have the reins of my life much earlier. But hey, the great thing about God is that it's never too late to act.

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  • Who are the people who have had a major role throughout your career?

There are many and at different levels. I admit that I am not someone who is "pro" so and so. I appreciate the qualities of my (carnal) father such as generosity, for example, which he communicated to me. I like to give to others.

Some authors have been good references for the development of my spiritual life. As I said at the beginning of my answer, I take what I find good in people, which means that I like certain authors without necessarily adhering 100% to their lifestyles.

I love Dan Molher who has this practical view of the Gospel. Other authors like Whatchman Nee, Jeanne Guyon, Oral Roberts, AW Tozer, EW Kenyon, Kenneth E. Hagin, Andrew Wommack, Smith Wiggelsworth, have also contributed to my spiritual growth and a better understanding and practice of the Bible. .

  • Do you have role models, mentors, people who push you to move on and be better?

Oh yes ! My only model is Jesus Christ!

“With Him at least, I'm sure I'm not mistaken! Is what I often tell people. Do not take a person as a model, your only model must be Jesus Christ, everyone else will disappoint you unintentionally one day or another.

I admit that I do not subscribe to this term of "mentor". I often hear these kinds of words in Anglo-Saxon circles, it's very fashionable. Why take a model from a man or a woman, when we have 4 gospels from the life of Jesus, the Holy Spirit to teach us, and many letters from the apostles. I find that the mentor sometimes becomes a bit of a substitute for the Holy Spirit. Of course, the method is easier, with the mentor no need to resort to faith. ☺

  • Who is the biblical character who is a source of inspiration for you? And why ?

I will try this time not to detail too much ☺

I love Paul for his love for othersI love Paul for his love for others. I do not see anyone like him to love, to cry with love for his neighbor. He has a revelation of the grace of Christ as a person. On this subject, the epistle he wrote to the Romans is just enormous! Even after reading it dozens of times, I still have tears in my eyes when I read certain passages.

I also like Pierre, the go-getter who learned to act wisely. We can say what we want about Peter, that he denied Jesus, that he heard himself say "Get behind me satan" by the Son of God himself, but he is also the only of the apostles to have walked on water, the only one to have founded the first church on earth. Then he finished in style, saying: “Ok guys, you want to crucify me, fine, but I'm going to have to hang me upside down, because I have nothing to do with the stature of Jesus my master who was also crucified ”.

Pierre was an impulsive person, who entered the balance of grace, which generally gives a good mix.

  • What advice could you give to those who wish to embark on the same path as you?

The first thing I would say is to be sure that God is calling you to follow this kind of path. It is one thing to want to embark on any ministry, and quite another to have received clear direction with several confirmations from God for it. It is also important not to look humanly at the project that God is asking you to carry out.

Let yourself be led by the Holy SpiritThen do not fall into clichés like “I will travel regularly, go from church to church, visit all kinds of countries. »If this is your case, then it will surely be a lot of fun the first three months, then if this is your main motivation, all these trips will quickly become a burden. Then let yourself be led by the Holy Spirit. He is the determining person in a ministry, as in the Christian life for that matter. Without him by my side to teach and show me, not much powerful will happen.

Finally I was going to say that I love people, but if I force myself to do so, it is because I am not yet ready to enter any ministry. Love for others comes automatically as I perceive God's love for me.

  • How do you see your next years in the ministry? What is the project (s) that are close to your heart?

I think I have an idea, without hanging on to it for all that. I try not to do personal projects for LVBN / TRGN, but to let myself be guided and hold on to what God tells me to do by his Spirit. I see that our ministry is growing more and more, and especially changing lives, among long-time Christians as well as among people who did not know Jesus a short time ago. We have a lot of plans, but we are making good progress.

Our marketplace healing tent is working really well, lots of Christians from different countries are contacting us for advice on how to do the same in their homes. I think this idea will grow as we have more and more people writing to us from all over the world asking for our advice to do the same.

We have a plan to put all our PDF teachings into MP3 format, have podcasts available through a mobile app so that more people can listen to them anywhere. But also continue to open offices in other countries; we are already present in France, Australia, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Train Christians and Pastors
We also want to organize training and practice on different subjects, in addition to our teachings, in various places, local churches, etc ... in order to train Christians and pastors who will have the capacity to train in their turn. As a result, the Church will then take her place in the world to proclaim the Gospel.

  • The news is often troubled and sad. Persecuted Christians, adrift society, natural disasters, major ethical changes… What is your position in the face of these events? Are you more committed, attentive watchman, whistleblower, intercessor? ...

We must pray for our brothers and sisters who are powerless to pray for themselvesI do not consider myself to be a “whistleblower” per se. I am, of course, committed to the Gospel in the world. All Christians do not have the same freedoms depending on the country where they are; persecution is part of Christian life, it is a promise from God, but above all I do not make it inevitable. It is not because God has promised it that it is a good thing, that he himself agrees. It is a fact that God brings to our knowledge. But ultimately when you think about it, persecution is there when people have not understood or accepted God's grace for them. Often they persecute in the name of a religious ideology which (according to them) goes against Christianity. I think we should pray, for our brothers and sisters who are powerless to pray themselves, that they will come out of persecution.

So yes of course, I'm committed to all of these things, but maybe not the way we are used to. I consider that there is only one remedy for all of these things that you describe in your question, and that is the dissemination of the true gospel of Christ. Real life changes ensue, what the Bible calls repentance, real U-turns on the part of people. The more people embrace the gospel in their lives, the less persecution there will be. The more the Gospel is accepted by the greatest number, the more morals will become again in conformity with what the Bible teaches. How many people could be miraculously healed or even resuscitated in natural disasters for example, if the gospel were taught in all its power ...

This is why I spend my energy spreading the Gospel, it is the solution to our evil. But in the meantime, I teach and I pray. I like this passage from 2 Timothy 4: 2,

“Preach the word, insist on all occasions, favorable or not, reprimand, censure, exhort, with all gentleness and with instruction. "

This is what I try to do in my everyday life.

  • Do you think the church of Jesus Christ in the world today is living what God has planned for them?

I would say that if we compare with what we can read in the book of Acts as well as in the writings of Paul, Peter, John and others, for some aspects, yes, and for others, no . I mean that we can read, for example, in the letters that Paul wrote to the Corinthians, that there he denounced great disorders… which are unfortunately in some places, still relevant today.

On the other hand today, we see fewer powerful examples as we can read them in Acts or in the Gospels. I am not one of those who advocate only the putting into practice of the book of Acts of the Apostles, and who say that this book is the basis of all Christian life. Personally, I do not think so. I take the whole Bible, everything is important in it. What I am saying is that it seems to me that a great majority of Christians around the world do not experience the power of the gospel in their lives.

The gospel is a show of powerIt reminds me of 1 Corinthians 2: 4 which says the gospel is a show of power. I tell myself that all Christians filled with the Holy Spirit have received the same thing; we all have the same potential, the same ability to manifest this display of power. For some, it is necessary that they have the knowledge, and for others that they learn to activate this potential which is in them. There is nothing complicated, and it is so much a source of joy and happiness.

Thank you Franck for your answers and for the time devoted to communicating to us what God has placed on your life. May the Lord continue to bless the whole family, to guide you and to use you for his glory.


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