Worry, you won't get me! : A thought on hope

The times we live in are anxiety-provoking. Concern pervades everywhere - in our family, in our marriage, in our single life, in our work, in our friendships, in the church and even in our hearts. Yet it is written 365 times in the Bible do not be afraid! Our weekly feature will help you understand the mechanisms of worry, how to dislodge it from our lives, and learn to trust God. But before talking about worry, let's talk about hope with this thought that we offer you.

This morning, one of the deer from the nearby wood was quietly sniffing my rosemary stalk. When he saw me, he didn't scoot away but stayed still and stared at me with his large, velvety black eyes. I remained as still as him, thanking God for the beauty of this moment. Without showing the slightest fear, he nibbled a few leaves on a nearby shrub and then left with a nonchalant step.

I thought then with nostalgia of the Garden of Eden in which reigned the same tranquility. No tearing between man and woman, no relationship crisis, no anxiety about the future and mutual trust in animals.

Everyone lived together without any problem and life had to be very pleasant. But nowadays, faced with increasing violence, anger exploding everywhere and increasing intolerance, the threats of a pandemic, the sources of concern are very real. In addition, our hectic modern life is often stressful and we ask ourselves a lot of questions.

Our file on anxiety is therefore perfectly topical, with our feminine fears about our sentimental life, our role as a mother, illness or quite simply in touch with daily life. Fortunately, Christ's message gives us some leads that you will discover in this dossier… And then, we have the promise that in the new world that Jesus will establish, men and animals will once again live in peace! So you might as well take advantage of this hope to take a break!

Good breathing!

This article is published in collaboration with the magazine Spirituality.

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