Indonesia: persecution of Christians not covered in the media

West Papua is a predominantly Christian province in Indonesia. Despite this, Christians are not immune from persecution.

Lth report of an Australian Catholic organization reports how the persecution of Christians in West Papua has gradually taken hold since the Indonesian government took control of the region in 1963. The other Indonesian provinces are in fact predominantly Muslim and do not tolerate the presence. Christians.

“The Indonesians want to replace the Christian religion with Islam… We are witnessing radicalization in Papua, with some very active militias… They are burning the Papuan houses. "

The organization's report Open doors, announces that some evangelical churches have started to organize mass gatherings in public places, during which Muslims have converted to Jesus, which has stoked the hatred of Muslims who reject the foundations of the Christian faith.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide also states that the militarization of West Papua has led to serious and widespread human rights violations spawning fears of religious tensions.

The concern for Christians in West Papua is actually part of a larger movement to obtain freedom for this Indonesian province. Violence erupts there periodically and activists regularly protest against Indonesian domination.


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