Indonesia: a Muslim converts and becomes the defender of persecuted Christians

Kongkin is a former Muslim, convinced by the message of the gospel. He has decided to be the voice of those who suffer in Indonesia from now on. He tells the Christian post how he helps persecuted Christians.

LIndonesia has long been considered a model of Muslim democracy. Radical Islam is now increasingly influencing local governments and placing Christians in a critical situation. Sharia no longer only concerns Muslims.

Kongkin has witnessed many conversions of Muslims.

“The number is growing more and more in different parts of Indonesia. There is constant growth. […] I believe that many Muslims realize that Islam is false. They see the bombs, the terrorist attacks made in the name of Islam. They wonder, 'Is this it ?, is this really what I want?' They realize there's got to be a better way, and there they find Christ. "

Kongkin wants to make sure that the testimonies of persecuted Christians are heard around the world:

“When one limb suffers, the whole body suffers with it. "


Image credit: Flickr / CC - Adam Cohn

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