Indonesia: Christian YouTuber tortured in detention

Muhammad Kace was covered in human excrement, a "step" taken by his fellow inmates to suppress his blasphemy.

Muhammad Kace is a Christian YouTuber who lives in Indonesia. A former Muslim who became a Christian in 2014, he was jailed for blasphemy following the publication of a video last August.

THEUnion of Catholic Asian News reveals that the Christian would suffer torture in detention by his fellow prisoners, including a police officer convicted of corruption, named Napoleon Bonaparte.

Andi Rian Djadji, the director of general crimes of the national police, explains that the latter was questioned and allegedly confessed.

“He and several other attackers beat Kace. They also covered his face and body with human excrement. "

Napoleon Bonaparte wrote an open letter in which he states, “anyone can insult me, but not against my Allah, the Koran, the Prophet and my Islamic faith”, before continuing, “therefore, I swear that I will take any measure against anyone who dares to do so ”.

Tuesday, Sunanto, the president of the Muhammadiyah Youth Center, that the measures taken by Napoleon Bonaparte were unjustified, "because we live in a state of law and there are rules of the game".

Azas Tigor Nainggolan, lawyer and coordinator of the Indonesian Bishops' Forum for Advocacy and Human Rights, calls for this torture to be "considered separately from the blasphemy case."

“Torture is a new case that must be considered separately from the blasphemy case that Kace faced. The blasphemy case of which he was accused cannot justify his torture. "

Seven people are now interviewed as part of this persecution, four guards and three inmates.


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