India: Muslim doctor converts to Christianity and opens 50 churches

On a hospital bed in Calcutta, a Muslim doctor undergoes chemotherapy.

" I was crying. And the only name I refused to believe came to mind over and over again. The name of Jesus. I was so weak and so sick. So I prayed: Lord Jesus, heal me! "

And that's what He did! Following this prayer, the doctor was getting better and better. His analyzes were good. No more traces of cancer.

He gives his life to Jesus and is baptized.

“I saw that only Jesus could save me. Nobody else. "

Full of zeal, he testifies to his faith in his family, in his village. Therefore, everyone rejects it. He is persecuted for years, but perseveres in his evangelistic ministry, supported by the Baptist Mission Society (BMS World Mission) in its church planting work.

“The people who persecuted me for all these years got bored.

His persecutors said, "The more he is asked to be silent, the more he goes out and preaches." "

“People who wanted to reject me now bring me sick, and apologize to me. "

BMS World Mission works in several countries, and in India notably through Benjamin Francis, director of Big Life Ministries, whose ministry resides in church planting. Benjamin Francis' vision: to reach the most remote villages to tell them about Jesus. He is considered by some to be the greatest evangelist of the 21st century.

Last June, he traveled to a neighborhood in Calcutta, near the Hooghly River, to provide free medical care, care for the sick and pray for those who wanted it.

“Most of the people were homeless, they lived under the bridge, with no one to take care of or love them. It was a great opportunity to encourage them through the gospel message. "

The local police were present: “You don't see anyone coming here and doing this kind of work. », Encouraging Benjamin to continue his ministry.


source: Christian today, Baptists Together


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