Incredible testimony of a Jewish man who wanted to discover the bible of Christians

He is Jewish and grew up in the tradition. But one day, he wanted to go beyond what he had always been told. He wanted to know what was written in what he calls the Christian bible.

Se shave your head, dress in black, wear an alb, eat kosher, turn to Jerusalem to pray in Hebrew, grow a beard ... Do all kinds of religious things to discover the God of the universe ... It doesn't made no sense to him!

“It's crazy that people think they impose their culture on God. Believe that God is going to be impressed by the way we dress, the direction in which we pray, the food we eat… all of those things! It seemed to me that if there was a God who lets himself be approached by us, we should be able to recognize him, no matter in which direction we pray or how we dress, because He is God! "

As a child, he knew that the Jews had their Bibles, and the non-Jews had theirs, the New Testament. He had been taught that there was nothing in common in these 2 books.

“Since the only believers in Jesus that I knew were all in our public school, of Italian Catholic origin, I imagined that Jesus was Italian. When I realized he was Jewish, it was a shock! And to hear, on top of that, that the New Testament was written by Jews, I couldn't believe it! "

His grandparents had always told him that the New Testament was a guide to persecuting Jews and as such something to be avoided. But he was curious. He wanted to check.

“When I opened the New Testament, I expected to find a manual on the persecution of the Jews. My grandparents warned me: it was written by people who killed Jews. This is what I expected, and when I open it, here I am reading a story of Jews, written by Jews! "

In the library, in secret, he reads the New Testament:

"Genealogy of Jesus the Messiah, son of David, son of Abraham. Three people mentioned in this first sentence, all Jewish. Stunned I continued reading. It was the story of a Jewish man, born in a Jewish village, in a Jewish country, who one day walks into a synagogue and announces that He is the messiah. The more I read the words of Jesus, the more I was drawn to Him. It was as beautiful as anything I had read anywhere else in the Bible. "

Le chapter 53 of the book of Isaiah is a revelation for him.

“When I started to believe that Yeshua, Jesus, is the Messiah, it was clear that this was the most Jewish thing I could do. He is not a renegade to our people, He is the One that the Scriptures foretold. Isaiah chapter 53 is astounding. If we just read this chapter, without the whole bible around, we conclude 'Oh, this is a Christian bible! it's about Jesus! ' But we realize that it is in the middle of our bible, our Jewish bible! "


source: One for Israel

Article originally published in May 2017

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