Persecution of Christians in the Philippines on the Rise: "Some Never Seen Again."

The Philippines is the 6th nation in the world with the most Christians. 90% of its population is Christian, for only 5% Muslims. But the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) seeks independence and wants to create an independent Islamic state. Terror now reigns in some regions.

Sccording world index of persecution of Christians, the Philippines is included in the list of countries in critical situation. It is, however, a free and democratic country. Bombs, assassinations, kidnappings, beheadings… are now a reality for many Christians. Muslims who turn to Jesus are most in danger.

In January, 12 hackers boarded a fishing boat. They wanted to extort the owner. Muslims were allowed to jump into the water and swim back to shore. Christians have all been slaughtered. Their community lives in anguish. They lost a son, a brother, a husband, a father. The other fishermen no longer dare to go out.

A local church leader reveals to the World Watch Monitor, following a meeting of 3000 Muslims:

“All the villagers - Christian or not - are afraid. At night, the Islamists force men to enter mosques. Some have never been seen again. ”

He adds :

“One night, 40 Islamists came to the church and threatened to burn the church down to force them to leave, if they didn't stop the construction of the church. Because of this, Christians on this island and neighboring islands are all on alert. They take extra care when they get together because they don't want to attract attention. They know they are being watched. ”


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