In the United States the first heavy metal church breaks the codes because "each lost has a future"

A heavy metal pastor advocates respect for difference and the work of God in lives.

Brian smith is the pastor of America's "first heavy metal church", "a non-denominational, bible-based church with great atmosphere, great music"! This church, which decided to break traditional codes, says she is firmly attached to "sound doctrine".

“Nothing is added and nothing is taken away from what is already in the Bible. Sound doctrine is preached. That's why a lot of our detractors, watching what we're doing, tell us, 'This is not a real church'. But after they listen to us, they say 'OK, they preach the real doctrine, they just look different.' " 

This "different air", Pastor Brian Smith insists on. Worship takes place at noon “to attract people who celebrated the day before”. There is no imposed dress style. On Sundays, no heavy metal however, because Brian wants everyone to feel comfortable.

“Our congregation is made up of people from all walks of life and of all ages. We don't care what you wear because we just want you to be there! Our church has no racial, ethnic, or social status barriers and we don't care about your past or present life. We only care about your future life in Christ! "

Harmon Leon is a journalist, he wanted to see what this "first heavy metal church" was.

“A sign outside the building reads 'Every saint has a past, every lost has a future.' It must be the right place. […] I'm wearing an outfit that I hope will make me blend in with the crowd - a sweater with a large skull on the front and a toggle headband - and it turns out I succeeded. I am surrounded by a sea of ​​tattooed bikers. "

He then quotes the pastor's words:

“It really is a glimpse of what the body of Christ should look like. If you squint, the bearded, long-haired bikers somehow look like traditional biblical figures. "

The reporter then recounts the songs, the preaching of Brian Smith who compares the book of Philemon to the song "The Wall" by Pink Floyd, "Bring Down the Wall!" ".

"And then we rock a little more. More metal. No more head swings. If gospel music is a mainstay of Southern Baptist churches, heavy metal plays the same role here in blue-collar Ohio. […] Some tough people cry as the music is built, their heads and hands raised. Looking around I think if I had to believe in a tall, invisible and magical man in the sky, this would be my go-to place. "

The first message from Brian Smith reminded us that God wants us to come to him as we are. He did not know then that this message would be the basis of his church.

"You don't wash before you jump in the shower, do you?" God wants you to come just as you are right now. As long as you actively seek God, He will actively seek you, and the Holy Spirit will gently cleanse you along the way. "

Brian Smith is saddened by all that is done in the name of religion: " 

“What image do we give of Jesus, to a lady who has just come out of an abortion clinic, greeted by 'super-Christians' who cry: 'Prostitute, sinner and murderer?' What if a Christian would just walk around and hand him an envelope and say, 'Are you okay? Do you need prayer? ' " 

For Brian, “we will always be a work in progress. The love and grace of Christ set us free. We get better every day and so do you! " 

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