In the twilight of his life, Elvis pleads for God's grace at a concert

Nothing predisposed Elvis Presley, only son of a modest couple from Mississippi, very religious and frequent church attendants, to become what we will nickname "The King". In concerts, during TV shows or in his films, everything seems to indicate that Elvis forgot God all along his path to glory.

urging, 6 months before his death, on February 16, 1977, the singer weakened by excesses, drug dependence and disease, sings in full concert in Montgomery, Alabama, a poignant traditional gospel, evoking the prospect of eternity.

One day I got up in the night
My head bowed.
In the dark, as dark as it can be,
And my heart so lonely.
I cried, oh Lord,
Do not hide your face from me.

Like a king, I can live in a palace so big,
With all the riches that call me.
There is something that i don't know
In this wide world.
It's worse than being alone.
Take my hand on the way, every hour and every day,
Come to me, for the great stranger.

Take my hand, let me hold on
Where no one is ever alone.

Discover the soundtrack, put on video, recorded on this occasion, which reminds us that we are never too far from God to implore his grace.

Elvis Presley, 6 months before his death sings a poignant gospel!

Alabama - Concert by Elvis Presley, 6 months before his death. Weakened by illness, after a life of excess, the "King" chooses to sing a poignant gospel, evoking eternity. Its musicians do not even know the melody.

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