In refugee camps, organization opens tents to bring education to Syrian children

In the refugee camps, an organization is opening tents to provide education to these children who have fled the war.

Khaled and his friends have lots of dreams from their 9 years old. One wants to be a doctor to help sick people, the other a dentist to fix everyone's teeth, a last wants to become a pilot to travel from country to country. Classic dreams to say the least. But Khaled and his friends are Syrian refugees. They lived through war, exile and precarious living conditions. Can they still dream of an illusory reality?

The figures of international reports seem to say the opposite. 40% of Syrian refugees of school age are not. To go to one of the public schools in the countries that host them, be it Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan, Syrian children would have to walk for miles or pay for public transport. In addition, there is the language barrier and registration difficulties. Yet refugee families have lost everything, as one mother said:

“It was sudden. We weren't prepared. We were forced, people came to our house and said 'Now you have to go!' We had no choice. We left everything behind. "

An organization decided to respond to this urgent need: to bring education to the refugee camps. A teacher from Tent School International recounts the arrival of the students, their shyness, their silence and the absence of a smile. But she quickly sees the evolution of these little ones to whom she keeps repeating:

"When you get home, don't stop, keep going, because someday you'll be something. "

Tent School International wishes to “share the love of Christ with refugee children by providing them with a safe and compassionate learning environment”. Mothers are grateful for it.

“The education of my children means a lot to me. We lost everything in Syria and I didn't want my children to lose education too. I am happy that there is this school and the way you respect children and treat them. "

Rawan Haddad belongs to this organization:

“We want to be sure that this generation will be healed. If they ever return to their country, we want to be sure that they will return with seeds of hope to plant a better future for their country, a hope that stems from the education they received in the camps. and knowing Jesus, who cares so much for them. "

This seed of hope seems to have planted itself in the heart of the little Syrian who wants to become a doctor:

" I like school. I appreciate it. 2 days ago, they celebrated my birthday. I am taught math and interesting things. I am learning to be honest and not to lie. And it helps me because I'm not afraid to admit I'm wrong. "


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