In the Netherlands, pastors have held uninterrupted worship for a month to prevent the expulsion of an Armenian family

A cult started more than 4 weeks ago to save an Armenian refugee family in the Netherlands. More than 400 pastors from all countries take turns day and night to avoid their expulsion.

À The Hague, a church ensures a continuous religious service since October 25 to protect an Armenian refugee family. In the Netherlands, a law prohibits the state from entering a church during a service. It is therefore in a church that the Tamrazyan family took refuge so as not to be expelled.

The Tamrazyans have lived in the Netherlands for 9 years. The father, a political activist, had received death threats and had applied for asylum in the Netherlands. Request validated by a judge after 7 years of proceedings, but which the government had appealed. And it is the whole Christian sphere that is committed to this family. Théo Hettema, president of the General Council of Protestant Ministers wishes to remain faithful to "the openness and hospitality of the Church" and assures that the service will not stop any time soon. More than 400 pastors, coming from different countries, are organized to lead this service continuously, day and night. Théo Hettema told Quartz :

“By offering hospitality to this family, we could give them the time and place they need to [demonstrate] to the Secretary of State the urgency of their situation. "

children and the parents live in the church and go to worship. Warduhi, one of the 19-year-old Tamrazyan girls, was happy that a group of young people were present as well. Hayarpi, meanwhile, proudly shows reporters photos of pastors who took turns for the service. Many people come to help the family, including to support themselves. The mother is filled with hope:

“It's impossible to express how special it is to feel helped by so many people. […] When I'm upstairs and hear them, I sing too. "

Derk Stegeman, coordinator, ensures that the end of the service is not foreseen:

“We hope that a solution will be found so that they are not deported, but we have not foreseen a deadline for this religious asylum. We chose this solution to welcome them but also to create the possibility of having a sincere discussion with the national authorities in order to find a humane solution for the refugee children victims of the legislation. "

In the Netherlands, the rise of far-right political parties and their immigration policy creates a climate of tension for the refugees. But the case of the Tamrazyan family reveals that hundreds of people are ready to help them.


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