In Poland, pro life associations and the Catholic Church demand the ban on abortion

Pro Vie associations and the Catholic Church are asking the Polish government to completely ban abortion. Pro-abortion demonstrators oppose it and demand better care for pregnant women.

Che very Catholic country already has a very restrictive law regarding abortion. It is only authorized in three cases: maternal health at stake, serious pathology of the embryo or pregnancy resulting from incest or rape. Pro-life associations, supported by the Catholic Church, are calling for the outright ban on abortion. Last weekend the bishops asked all priests to read from the pulpit the press release sent to the Polish government, the majority of which is currently ultra-conservative. 90% of the Poles claim to be Catholic, and the churches are full on Sunday mornings.

This same Sunday April 3, a crowd of 5000 people pro abortion demonstrated in front of the Polish Parliament. Demonstrations were also taking place in all the major cities of the country. Many held up hangers, symbols of archaic and dangerous practices to which they refuse to return if this law were to pass.

The subject of abortion deeply divides the Polish people. Less than a quarter of the population agrees to tighten up the law while 51% want these practices to be liberalized. Some women say they are terrified of being accused of abortion during a miscarriage. Doctors are also in the hot seat.

A protester testifies:

“It is all the more absurd that these radical positions do not represent the point of view of the majority of the population. "

However, this bill has a real chance of passing thanks to the ultra-conservative parliamentary majority.

Elisabeth dugas

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