In Pakistan, Christian girl raped by her teacher: Her school tries to cover up the case

“The school administration protects the rapist and the police are also involved. Who should we turn to for justice? "

On Tuesday, June 22, the parents of an 8-year-old girl in Pakistan discovered that she was raped by one of her teachers on the premises of her school, Sanjan Nagar Trust. They report that the school tried to cover up the assault.

When she returned from school, the little girl had blood stains on her uniform and cried out in pain, her father Shahzad Masih reports to Morning Star News. After asking her many questions, the girl revealed to her family that she had been raped by one of her Muslim teachers. She reports that he took her to the school bathroom to assault her.

While the Masih family "rushed" to seek redress for their injury, the school administration denied the facts:

“We rushed to the Sanjan Nagar Trust school where my daughter goes to school. Rather than listen to our grievances, school principal Farzana Kausar and another Muslim teacher, Tehmina, flatly refused to admit that she had been raped on the school premises. "

The teachers asked the girl to name one of her fellow Christians, Joel, as the culprit. The family of the young man contacted by the Masih family, claim that their "son was not even present on the day of the incident".

On numerous occasions, the girl's father came to the police station to report the assault. The police were "hostile" and refused to register the complaint.

“We turned to the police again, but they too were very hostile. It became clear to us that the police had been influenced by the school administration and had a bias towards us. "

Desperate, the Masih family fear that they will not be able to obtain justice for the harm their daughter has suffered.

“Our repeated visits to the police are not working, and I don't think they will get justice in this system. "

Sarah bordin

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