In Pakistan, a crowd surrounds a church and dismantles its cross

The pastor says the neighbors did not oppose the construction of this church in Pakistan.

It was under the cries of the 200 Muslims who surrounded a church in the province of Punjab in Pakistan, that the cross of the Christian building was dismantled.

“Demolish it. Scare away [the Christians]. "

Rafaqat Yaqoob is the pastor of this community. He couldn't do anything in front of the crowd. He tells UCA News that the neighbors had not opposed the construction of this church.

“We used to pray in houses. The neighbors have been informed of the construction of the house of God. There was no opposition. "

On August 29, as Christians gathered for worship, crowds surrounded the church.
“I asked the madrasah manager to discuss it later in the afternoon, but they started to prevent families from entering the building. […] The deputy commissioner accused us of having transformed a house into a church overnight. Local Christians are now harassed. ”

The 80 members of this church, workers in brick factories, had this church built on land near their houses.

The Punjab's Minister for Human Rights and Minorities, Ejaz Alam Augustine, for his part, speaks of an “illegal construction”.

Sajid Christopher, Managing Director of the Human Friends Organization, expressed to the organization  Aid to the Church in Need his fears about the Taliban seizure of power in Afghanistan. He fears further attacks.

“When the Taliban was in power before, there were a lot of terrorist attacks in Pakistan. There were terrorist organizations that attacked churches and other Christian institutes. They have clearly become targets. Now that the Taliban are back, it will strengthen the TTP [Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Pakistani Taliban movement, Editor's note] and other Islamist groups and therefore there could be attacks. "


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