In Pakistan, Christians get reduced sentences if they memorize Bible verses

Muslims already benefited from remissions in Pakistan, if they learn extracts from the Koran by heart.

In Pakistan, Muslim prisoners could already obtain sentence reductions by learning extracts from the Koran. In the province of Punjab, Christians, like Hindus, will now benefit from this possibility.

But while Muslims can get remissions of six months to two years, Christians will only get remissions of three to six months.

Prison ministry officials, including Father John Joseph, whose remarks are echoed by UCA News, require "equal remission".

“We demand equal remission. Minority prisoners deserve the same constitutional rights. »

The latter also raises the issue of prisoner visits.

“To make matters worse, they restricted prison visits by church ministries citing security concerns. Currently we are only allowed to visit on Christian holidays. I take this opportunity to bring them food. »


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