In one year, Bible Societies distributed 34 million Bibles and 400 million Bible writings around the world!

For the third time in a row, Bible Societies around the world released over 400 million Bible products in one year, including over 34 million Bibles. And the distribution of unprinted Bibles has doubled from the previous year.

LHe Universal Bible Alliance (ABU) - the worldwide fellowship of Bible Societies - is mobilizing to ensure that as many people as possible around the world can access the Bible in their native language. She just released her Bible Dissemination Report for 2016. In total, nearly 401,4 million writings have been disseminated. That figure - which includes Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels, and other smaller Bible products such as booklets for beginning readers - is down slightly from 2015 (418,7 million).

Progression of the Bible in unprinted form

Globally, the distribution of unprinted Bibles in the form of digital downloads, CDs, Bible texts and DVDs more than doubled in 2016, driven by the growing demand for Bibles for our phones and other devices. More than 3 million unprinted Bibles were distributed in 2016, compared to less than 1,3 million in 2015. The trend reflects the increase in Internet use around the world.

The first place in the ranking of non-printed Bible dissemination goes to Brazil, where the ABU's “Biblia Plus” Bible application was launched in August 2015. This application is now used by more than 6 Bible Societies across the country. world. It offers various Bible translations for free download, and premium content such as study Bibles that can be purchased. The Alliance biblique française, for its part, offers an application in French (in partnership with the Protestant Federation of France), entitled "The Bible in 4 years". This offers a choice of XNUMX translations of the Bible (The Bible Word of Life - The New Segond Bible - The Bible in fluent French - La Colombe).

In the meantime, the worldwide Digital Bible Library has managed to bring together versions of the Bible text in 1134 languages. Over 80% of the full Bibles held by the library were provided by ABU.

Sudden surge in biblical dissemination

In many countries, a sudden surge in Bible dissemination was observed in 2016. The Palestinian Bible Society, for example, disseminated five times more copies of the New Testament in 2016 than in 2015, and this in a context where crises of violence erupting between Israelis and Palestinians throughout the year increased tension and instability in the region.

In Cuba, in a historic year - which saw both the death of former leader Fidel Castro and an unprecedented visit by United States President Barack Obama - Bible dissemination has skyrocketed. The number of Bibles and Bible booklets made available by the Cuban Bible Commission has more than doubled, with more than 350 full Bibles delivered nationwide.

Biblical dissemination also experienced a significant increase in Germany, where the Bible Society team provided more than twice as many Bibles in 2016 as in 2015. This growth is due in part to the success of Bible revision by Luther, on sale in the fall of 2016.

More information and infographics on the 2016 annual report

The Universal Bible Covenant

The Universal Bible Covenant (ABU) is made up of 148 National Bible Societies active in more than 200 countries and territories. The Alliance biblique française is one of its members; it collects funds in France for this international work.

The French Biblical Alliance

Founded in 1818, the Alliance biblique française is a non-profit, inter-confessional non-profit association dedicated to the Bible. Its objective is to promote the Bible, in a spirit of openness, without proselytizing or doctrinal bias. She is at the service of all the Churches and movements which call on her to help people discover the Word of God. She is committed to an open dialogue about the Bible in today's society. Its work is funded by donations.

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