In Nebraska, a school principal raises a heated debate over trying to censor Christmas and ends up on administrative leave

Gifts, traditional songs and sweets: a primary school principal wants to censor everything that is directly related to Christmas.

AIn the United States, the principal of an elementary school in Nebraska made a decision that sparked outrage. With the aim of being "inclusive and sensitive to the culture of all", Jennifer Sinclair has drawn up, for teachers, a list of censored objects in these days of preparing for Christmas. If she says she is "uncomfortable", she still shows great precision in differentiating between acceptable and unacceptable practices.

Among the prohibited elements are Santa Claus, traditional songs and music, gifts, red, green, reindeer or even Christmas movies. Another banned element arouses anger on social networks, pushing Internet users to speak of "radicalization" and "failure of public schools" and calling for the dismissal of Jennifer Sinclair: sugar canes. According to the director, the shape of these sweets would evoke the J of Jesus, the red representing his blood, and the white his resurrection. Faced with these end-of-year traditions, the director offers validated practices: talking about holidays, hot chocolate and the Yeti, or even Olaf from Frozen.

The one who presents himself as the "Grinch (unintentional) who stole Christmas (in Manchester)" did not necessarily expect the outcry that followed this announcement. It was, however. Liberty Counsel lawyers, who specialize in religious freedom facts, quickly drafted a reply mail, to what they deem to be a "scandalous memo", in which they recall that "the First Amendment does not require the elimination of Christmas".

“Nothing prevents public schools from objectively teaching religion or holidays with religious significance, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is nothing to prevent there being a mixture of sacred and secular Christmas holiday songs in public school music programs, as part of a balanced Christmas music program; or carry out Christmas-related missions in class. "

Following these events, the director was placed on "administrative leave". Parents at his school then received a Elkhorn District Mail in order to reassure them about the proper functioning of the school in the days to come.


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