In Iran, a prisoner asks God for a "miracle", then leaves prison amid general incomprehension

The prisoner, who was facing the death penalty, spoke to God: “I believe in You, God; please do a miracle for my situation”.

Global Catalytic Ministries is a Christian organization that seeks to evangelize Muslims through former Muslims. On Mission Network News, the organization shares the testimony of a man who asked God for a “miracle”, received through a network of underground Christians.

“An Iranian was in prison and was facing the death penalty for a crime he did not commit. One day he heard a story from the Old Testament and believed the God of the Bible. As his trial approached, he said, 'I believe in You, God; please do a miracle for my situation. The next day, everyone in the courtroom was puzzled. They couldn't figure out why the man was there, and the judge released him. »

Coming out of court, the man dedicated his life to Jesus. "It's the God I'm going to serve now," he said.

Lucy Boston of Global Catalytic Ministries affirms, in Iran, “people's lives are transformed by the scriptures”.


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