In his new film, Will Smith plays an African-American Christian doctor

For Will Smith, the Christian faith passed down by his grandmother as a child prepared him for the role of this inspiring Christian physician.

“My grandmother was my connection to God. "

To prepare for the film, the actor and the doctor met. Bennet Omalu declares on this subject at Christian post :

“He spent time with me and he was very attentive. He told me he accepted the role to meet me. We have met, we have shared and we have communed in the love of God. "

This is how in Concussion, Will Smith echoes the true story of the forensic scientist, a devout Christian of Nigerian descent who discovers the long-term damage of concussions on American football players.

In 2002, Bennet Omalu discovered during an autopsy, that the state of the brain of a footballer, otherwise in perfect health, caused his death prematurely. After numerous autopsies of footballers suffering from the same symptoms, he ended up characterizing a new pathology, chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

This disease is the direct consequence of the too many head traumas suffered by the players. The doctor then thinks he has found an attentive ear and effective support from the NFL, a famous American football organization, to promote recognition of this disease.

On the contrary, the relentlessness, intimidation and threats of the NFL in an attempt to silence him, will eventually get the better of his determination.

“You go to war against an industry that has one day a week… the same as the church. "

It is the living faith of the doctor that will allow him to suffer harassment, outrages and racist remarks from his powerful detractors. And it is this faith that is the central subject of the film, because for Omalu, it is this faith that allowed him to be daring in an environment of great opposition.

Ten years later, the NFL will find itself in the obligation to recognize the irreversible damage of violent shocks on the players. Almost 30% of players suffer from this chronic pathology.

“Thanks to Will Smith, you see a glimpse of my faith in the film. My faith in God, and the belief that God calls us to be strong and courageous. "


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