In China, repression demolishes crosses and leaves Christians beaten and bloodied

Megachurches, a new translation of the Bible, China is currently experiencing a great growth in the number of Christians.

Dn this context, the Chinese government set up in 2013 a campaign "Three Rectifications One Demolition", in order to authorize the massive destruction of “illegal structures”. The government denies it, but this campaign is clearly aimed at curbing the rise of Christianity. It has since allowed the dismantling of more than 2000 crosses and numerous arrests of religious leaders.

Last week, the Communist Party sent hundreds of police officers to demolish crosses. Christians in the targeted churches had been warned. The government was asking them to voluntarily dismantle the crosses or to stand ready to shoulder the consequences.

“The officers ordered us not to resist. If we opposed, they would destroy the church. Says a member of a local church.

Christians therefore mobilized to protect their churches, and assumed the consequences: intimidation, clashes, beatings and multiple arrests. Many Christians have been beaten, left bleeding by riot police. The churches in Shangen and Fenggangta had their electricity and water cut off. Gu Yuere, leader of the Hangzou mega-church was removed from office and arrested.

International Christian Concern alarms everyone about practices which, according to this group, refer to "Nazi demands". Catholic Christians will now have to travel systematically with their identity card indicating their faith. This practice will soon be applied to Protestants as well.


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