In China, a messenger censors the word “Christ”

"The word 'Christ' you are trying to post violates internet news service regulations," reads the censorship message sent to a group of Christians on WeChat in China.

With the "Measures for the Administration of Religious Information Services on the Internet" implemented in March, the Chinese Communist Party's crackdown on Christians is also carried out on the Chinese messaging service WeChat.

The organization ChinaAid explains that Christians had a Bible reading group on WeChat for 5 years. Each month, the discussions began with a vote to decide which book would be read and then studied. But, when one of the books contained the word "Christ", the group received a message of censorship.

"The word 'Christ' you are trying to post violates Internet Information Services regulations, including but not limited to the following categories:

  • Pornography, gambling and drug addiction
  • Over-commercialization
  • incentive

The problem can be solved in one of the following ways:

  1. Edit your content
  2. Submit for review. »

The administrator has chosen to modify the name of Jesus in order to leave the group open.


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