In a world where faith is a private matter, how dare to say that Jesus is the only way?

In our society, faith is a private matter. To avoid wars of religion, the slogan is brandished: to each his own belief, to each his own truth! So how, as Christians, dare to say that Jesus Christ is the only way?

The God of the Bible presents himself as the Creator of all, above all. An unbearable setting, in the 21st century! However, what seems unbearable to some is a real liberation for us. Because there is only one God, one Lord, and therefore only one Truth in whom to trust.

A loving god

God reveals himself and wants to speak to human beings. He blessed Adam and Eve: "Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, make you masters" (Gen. 1:28). Man and woman are free: all the earth is theirs! God is not a grumpy old man all alone in his heaven. On the contrary, he is generous, kind and full of love!

Even after humans have sinned, God chooses to be gracious to them. He continues to love her… What a strong attachment, between God and his children! Yet none of them proved to be perfect and entirely faithful ...

A God who walks with his people

No religion could imagine a God so great and so powerful, while being so close to us. After the exodus from Egypt, during the crossing of the desert, God was not content to proclaim the Ten Commandments from the top of Mount Sinai! No. He resided among the people of Israel, in a simple portable tent.

But beware: proximity does not mean a "god on our scale"! God reigns over everything and he is the Truth. So he calls a spade a spade and judges sin.

The God of History

The Old Testament tells of how God walked with Israel, to free them from evil. The New Testament extends this story: Jesus also walked on the roads of Palestine, to save his people. Then he sent his disciples to deliver men and women of all nations. The Bible unfolds before our eyes human history, based on facts. Because to be true, the truth must be based on real facts! Otherwise, it's a pipe dream, even a lie ...

If everyone has their truth, then where can we find the unity necessary for life? The truth is plural, they say. But we forget that reality is one, and that it takes place in a single space-time. For example, I know the day and time of my birth. If someone claims that I was born two years later, that is wrong! Or if it is claimed that my birth never took place, I am here to prove that it is wrong! This event is therefore unique, real, true. However, diversity also exists, through the plural view of this event: my parents, the midwife or the doctor will not tell it in the same way!

It is not always so easy to articulate the plural with the singular, diversity with unity. Only one saw it marvelously, in all harmony: the Triune God! One Being, and three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit. A dazzling mystery ...

God with us

The angel Gabriel announces to Joseph that Jesus will be called "" Emmanuel ", which means:" God is with us "" (Mat. 1, 23). Indeed, Jesus was born in Bethlehem, in Herod's time, he lived among us and endured a despicable death… In what other religion or belief, did a god accept such humiliation?

The ministry of Jesus is crowned by a unique event: the resurrection. By his victory over death, God offers us a fabulous hope: life forever, in his company! Yes, this wonderful love story is still worth telling today. "Don't touch my truth!" », Some will answer. But for those who believe in Jesus Christ, this will change everything: they will be called “children of God” (1 Jn 3.1).

AC Piguet

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