In a stadium, children stop their match, kneel and pray

"This is the faith that we should all have," says the pastor who testifies of this moment on the networks.

The story takes place in the United States. It was revealed last month on Facebook by Pastor Blake Bastin. During their match, ten-year-olds stopped their match, knelt and prayed for the grandfather of one of them who was then suffering from a medical emergency.

“One of the little boys in this picture had a grandfather in the stands last night who had a serious health problem while watching his grandson's game. As the adults all jumped in for medical support for the man, something special happened that most of us weren't aware of. These boys, most of them 10 years old, some younger, all got together, alone, took each other's hands, and united in prayer. They didn't know everything, they didn't have all the answers, but they knew it was a time to pray. "

Pastor Blake Bastin thanks them “for the lesson”.

“This is the faith we should all have. Like a child who comes to a loving father. We don't have all the answers, we don't know what to do, we may be afraid, and we feel in these moments that we are powerless… so we turn to Him. And our loving father listens and takes pleasure in our prayer. Thanks for the lesson, guys. "


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