In a heartbreaking letter, a Ukrainian soldier asks to save the inhabitants of Mariupol

“But I'm sure you've never seen what's going on in Mariupol. Because that's what hell on earth looks like. »

The Azovstal industrial site is the last bastion of Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, a besieged port in southeastern Ukraine, almost entirely under Russian control. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian army said on Friday it was ready to observe "at any time" a truce "on all or part" of the site. The civilians who leave would then have the choice of joining territories under Ukrainian or Russian control. Regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko told AFP that the future of the war in Ukraine "depends on the fate of Mariupol".

It is in this port city that Major Serhiy Volyna fights. He wrote a letter to the Pope “to get help”.

"I believe in God and I know that light always triumphs over darkness", he begins by affirming, before testifying to his fight in a "fierce battle for every meter of this city which is surrounded by the enemy" .

He goes so far as to speak of “hell on Earth”.

“I am a warrior. I am an officer who has sworn allegiance to his country. And I'm ready to fight until the end. Despite the overwhelming strength of the enemy, despite the inhuman conditions on the battlefield, the constant artillery and rocket fire, the lack of water, food and medicine. You've probably seen a lot of them in your life. But I'm sure you've never seen what's going on in Mariupol. Because that's what hell on earth looks like. »

The Commander of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade then speaks of the "horrors" he sees every day.

“I have little time to describe all the horrors I see here every day. Women with children and babies live in bunkers at the factory, they are hungry and cold. Every day, they live in the crosshairs of enemy planes. The wounded are dying every day because there is no medicine, no water, no food. »

So he addresses the Pope.

“I turn to you for help. Because the time has come when prayers are no longer enough. Help save them. After the bombing of the drama theatre, no one trusts the Russian occupiers anymore. Bring the truth to the world, evacuate people and save their lives from the hands of Satan, who wants to burn all living things. »

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