In Mosul, three women were burned alive for refusing to kill

According to the site IraqiNews, ISIS militants burnt three women alive. They reportedly refused to kill residents after they tried to flee the Daesh-controlled Wadi Akab region.

SAccording to witnesses, fleeing civilians were arrested by Daesh fighters, who immediately sentenced them to death. The activists then demanded that a group of women carry out the sentence. Faced with their refusal, the 3 women were burned alive.

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The horror is therefore not over in Iraq. The populations are still suffering from the brutality of Daesh. The militants are losing ground but they become more and more violent, creating a climate of terror. Numerous testimonies corroborated by United Nations observers tell of the atrocities suffered by Iraqis since 2014.

The plain of Nineveh was liberated, southern and eastern Mosul as well, but the resumption of the west bank of the city, where most of the population is located, is proving to be the most difficult to retake by coalition forces.

According to the United Nations, “The worst is yet to come”, because there would be 400 inhabitants prisoners of the old city of Mosul.

Among them, a mother and her 3 children were set on fire last January, after trying to flee Mosul. The mother, her 3 daughters, and her 9 month old baby boy were all burned to death after being sprayed with gasoline.

For Bruno Geddo, UNHCR representative in Iraq, people are desperate and hungry:

“The more food you run out, the more you panic and want to flee… We hear stories of people fleeing in the morning in the fog, at night, or during calls to prayer, when vigilance is less. Daesh checkpoints. ”

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