In Egypt, a bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church denounces the practice of female genital mutilation

While the practice of female genital mutilation is still a common practice in many African countries, including Egypt, Anba Moussa, bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church, recently denounced this custom "which cannot have any connection with the Sacred Scripture and Christian Doctrine ”. 

Anba Moussa, bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church responsible for coordinating pastoral activities for the younger generations, published a plea against female genital mutilation as part of a public debate on this subject reports theAgenzia Fides.

The religious recalls that “The Coptic Orthodox Church, as well as the other Churches and ecclesial communities have always unanimously rejected the so-called 'female circumcision'”. He adds that it is “an ancient custom which cannot have any connection with Sacred Scripture and Christian doctrine, which recognizes as good any reality created by God, and therefore cannot be justified by theological arguments. , moral or spiritual the elimination of organs and members of the human body ”.

"The genitals, both male and female, have a fundamental role in the emotional and sexual life of men and women, oriented according to the design of Creation" continues the Coptic bishop who adds that any attempt "to justify their elimination or their surgical alteration by pseudo-religious arguments also represents in itself a lack of respect for the gratuitous love with which God created man and woman. "

A clear position taken almost two months after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi ratified amendments to the penal code introducing tougher penalties for the crime of female genital mutilation.

according to arabnews, the new amendment provides that "whoever performs the procedure by removing partially or completely any part of the external genitalia of a woman, or inflicts damage to her organs, will be punished by five to seven years of imprisonment". Ten years in prison and forced labor will be required if the procedure results in the death of the person or if it results in permanent disability.

If the intervention is carried out by a member of the medical staff, the culprit will also incur 10 years in prison, from 15 to 20 years with hard labor if the intervention results in the death of the victim. Doctors and nurses will also be prohibited from practicing their profession for a period of between three and five years.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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