Impact of Sharia Law on Christians in Nigeria Examined in Report

The latest report from International Christian Concern claims that the adoption of Sharia law in 12 states "poses challenges for Christians in the region and impacts their ability to participate as equal members of society."

The organization International Christian Concern has just published a report entitled Secular Sharia, which studies “the impact of penal Sharia law on Christian communities in Nigeria”.

"While Nigeria claims to be a secular country," the organization specifies, "the actions of the 12 northern states that have adopted Sharia law and their support from the federal government have proven otherwise."

According to this report, the adoption of Sharia law in this region has created "problems for Christians in the region and affects their ability to participate as equal members of society."

The report goes on to say that the Nigerian government is not "blameless when it comes to sectarian violence."

“The idea that Nigeria is a well-meaning but underfunded country struggling to contain sectarian violence is sadly incomplete. The Nigerian government may be under-resourced, but it is not faultless when it comes to sectarian violence. Indeed, although government forces have fought to quell sectarian violence in some cases, in other cases it has at least exacerbated the problem, if not created it in the first place. "

Several punishments contrary to human rights are provided for in the Sharia, such as flogging for alcohol consumption, amputation of limbs for theft and death for apostasy.

For Jay Church, Africa Advocacy Officer at International Christian Concern, "the international community must confront Nigeria with its continued adherence to criminal Sharia law."

“The international community wants peace, security and equality in Nigeria. As part of its efforts to bring stability to Nigeria, the international community would do well to push Nigeria to reform its legal system, abolish the use of criminal Sharia law and return to the principles of equality promised by its constitution. "


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