Illuminate: From violent gang rap to rap for Jesus

Illuminate is a Californian rapper. He is from one of the cities in California with the highest crime rate. After a chaotic journey of drugs, violence and suffering, he discovered the unconditional love of Jesus, and it completely changed his life.

EAs a child, he was the only white and the only Latino in his class. Harassed, and he had to learn to defend himself. This is where violence will germinate in his life. He also grew up in a dangerous city, where crime was high and homicides were regular. At 12, he was already a member of a gang. He sells drugs and ends up using them.

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Until the day of this terrible tragedy. Her father overdosed on heroin and died there. This "breaks his heart", and pushes him to drown his suffering in more violence, more darkness, more impurity. Prostitutes, guns, criminality… And finally an extraordinary meeting with his savior… Jesus.

“It broke my heart and I felt the love of God. And I knew at that moment that there was the decision between life and death. And if I hadn't chosen life, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to… You see. And so I chose Jesus and I've never looked back since. "

He then decides to give up rap and change his life. But some time later, Illuminate started writing and rapping again, but this time he no longer advocates violence, but the love of Jesus on the cross.

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