Huge Cloud of Dust, "Hand of God" Protected Israeli Border from Daesh Attacks

On December 8, Israeli soldiers stationed in the Golan Heights, on the border with Syria, observed and filmed a huge cloud of dust, "The hand of Hashem", which protected them from the fire of Daesh, posted just in in front of them.

CIt is not the first time in the history of the Jewish people that God has acted in this way to protect them. Remember the cloud that prevented Pharaoh from pursuing the Hebrews who fled his despotism, after Moses miraculously opened the Red Sea at the behest of God.

The angel of God, who was walking in front of the camp of Israel, left that position and walked behind them, and the pillar of cloud that preceded them did the same. She stood between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel. This cloud was dark on one side, and on the other it lit up the night. All night long, the two camps did not approach each other.
Exodus 14: 19-20

Much more recently, since Israel, returning to its ancestral territory, was attacked from all sides, God has also intervened several times with his mighty hand, in the form of a cloud which hid it from his enemies, and forced them to give up the attack. There are many testimonials, with supporting videos for several years. On social networks, the commentators are not mistaken:

“It's God! It's a miracle. It is divine intervention! "

Elisabeth dugas

Source: Christian today

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