How can we see the extraordinary of God in the ordinary of our lives?

Where is God? How does it manifest? And how could it manifest itself in us? All generations have asked themselves these questions.

At the time when the religious presence was an integral part of people's lives, it was undoubtedly easier to materialize the presence and action of God. He lived in the church – “the house of God” – and his actions were told by the celebrant and illustrated by the stained glass windows and bas-reliefs.

But with the progressive dechristianization of Western societies, the question emerges all the more.

If the mere mention of his name has almost disappeared from public space, if God is eternal and still exists, but the churches are emptying: where is he then? What is he doing ? How does it manifest? How to find it?

This is where the grace of God comes in.

God is not a material being to be limited to a place. Because in reality, the fathers of the Church, all the saints and children of God who have lived through the ages, have shown to what extent the divine presence could be incarnated outside the walls, in the most remote places, the more hostile and simpler.

The grace of God is not a nebulous concept. distant and cold. It is the concrete manifestation of lives touched and transformed, in all things in life, big or small.

Expressing the greatness of God while doing the dishes is possible. It is possible to read the message of the Gospel in a caress given to a cat or in a garden that one turns upside down. It's possible to let God act when you pay your electricity bill or have a drink with your neighbours.

In all dimensions of daily life, the invisible can join the visible, and the concept can become concrete reality.

Hence, seeing God is no longer a matter of place or time, but of individual disposition and application.

This dimension is developed in this book, of which we offer you an extract here, in collaboration with eXcaléo and BLF Editions.

Pascal Portoukalian

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