How to resist temptation?

Who among us has never been tempted? We are faced with it on a daily basis, without always being aware of it. Let's not be like Eve!

This is what one might call the irony of fate. Originally, God gave Adam a partner like him who could perfectly complement him: Eve. But when the latter hands him the fruit of the tree, both are cursed forever. Since he had become a sinner, Adam surely thought:

" But it's not true ! She couldn't leave me alone this one! If only I had been alone, she wouldn't have tempted me. "

It is always easier to put the blame on others! In fact, Eve acted exactly the same way: "It was the Serpent who deceived me." And we do too.

No fitting rooms

Let us dive for a moment in the initial situation of Eve: she lived with a very handsome man (we imagine that Adam was handsome!) In a lush garden filled with shimmering colored fruits hanging from trees, some larger than the others. other. Heaven !

Neither of them needed to work. In short, the good life! One more thing not to be overlooked for us ladies: Eve did not need to spend hours in the changing rooms trying to find "the" pants that did not fit. No need, since she was not wearing any clothes!

Yes but here it is, Adam and Eve found nothing better to do than to spoil everything ... to end up in an arid place, one forced to work with the sweat of his forehead, the other to give birth in pain (that concerns us!). We want to ask: why? (especially since we are still paying the price).

Temptation is everywhere

The temptation ! Here is the answer. Would we be able to better realize the gravity of Eve's act if we put simple words in this context: God forbade, Eve disobeyed. This is enough to sum up the following: temptation is based on prohibition and sin; this is the offense.

Some things are obvious to us: God does not allow us to cheat on our husbands or have views on another, for example. Other areas of temptation are harder to spot: is your work so intrusive that you forget to rest and spend time with family? Does your neighbor make so much noise that you keep criticizing her while greeting her with a big smile when you meet her?

Working too much (or not enough), criticizing, wasting your time watching something unnecessary on TV, hanging out for hours on Facebook, looking at too many old photos and getting nostalgic for your figure then, checking your e- mails every five minutes… Everything can be tempting!

The results

Any temptation to which one gives in generates a consequence. Do you disregard it? What are the consequences ? We have seen it: aridity, pain, fatigue… Doing what is contrary to what God expects of us is not without consequences.

Fortunately for us, God is slow to anger. But to waste as little time as possible in the "tinkering" of the past, as soon as you are tempted, think of Eve and ask yourself: "If I give in, what consequences will it have on myself, on my skin? family, around me? »For Eve, you already know ...

Joelle Mission

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