How to accompany those who are new to the faith?

In his book “Arousing Spiritual Fathers and Mothers”, Larry Kreider encourages mature Christians to become counselors for the youngest, not necessarily of age, but in their journey of faith.

In turn, these people will be able to share their experience of beginners in the faith.

More than knowledge, skills

Accompanying those who are new to the faith does not require a Bible school degree or responsibility in a church. In fact, it is rather the depth of the relationship with God, as well as the availability and hospitality that will make the difference. As with a natural child, it is the love and the positive outlook that we place on a person that will promote their growth. Relationship-oriented, sensitive to what others are going through, Evelyne Gaillard takes her role of "spiritual mother" to heart. She confides: “Sharing my faith, which has been good for me, enriches me. I have received so much love from God that I would like to pass it on to my family and to those to whom I am guided ”.

Concretely, how is it going?

  • Make yourself available and ask God for help. it is wiser for a woman to take another woman (rather than a man) under her wing.
  • Take the time to build a relationship, see each other and pray in a specific way for the other and with the other: for the different areas of her life, so that she wants to read the Bible, so that her trust in God increasing day by day, etc.
  • Be transparent yourself about your successes and failures.
  • Not to enter into a relationship of co-dependence but to direct the other over and over again to Jesus Christ.
  • If necessary, advise him of the help of a specialist in case of need or problem that is beyond us.

Nina Charles

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