How does God provide for my needs?

Three women testify of how God gave them what they needed, and at the right time.

He allowed me to train myself

A dynamic XNUMX-year-old Sybille has experienced God's providence on several occasions and is always in awe of how God provides for her needs. Missionary in France, for many years, she remembers a particular event.

“I do not receive any salary. Last fall, I needed a certain amount to complete a semester of training. I felt like I needed to offer my services to a Christian company that sometimes hired me for short periods. "

Due to other activities, Sybille was only available for three weeks to offer its services. She was also a little late to make her formalities.

“I nevertheless submitted my request to this Christian company by email and the next day I received a response from the leaders in which they said that God had heard their prayers, since they had a hole in the staff precisely. During that time, God provided for me in an extraordinary way through this work the necessary amount of money that I needed. "

He brought me food when I was hungry

Viviane, now in her forties, went through a difficult period ten years ago. At that time, she was raising her two daughters, aged 11 and 12, on her own. Affected by the disease, she waited for several years for a disability pension to be paid to her. “We lived in a slum and, when I ran out of money, I often went to the soup kitchen to be able to feed my daughters,” she explains.

In this context, friends familiar with his situation faithfully brought him food. Viviane remembers receiving their gifts as a sign of God's loyalty to her.

“When food was brought to us, it was a party at the house. I remember that my youngest daughter would immediately pack up a few things to give back to other school friends who had even less than us. "

Today, Viviane is a serene woman who can say that God is taking care of her. She lives in a beautiful apartment that she "should never have had" and has been able to develop many friendships in her region.

Strengthened by the word that God had given her following her conversion - "I will give you back all that was stolen from you" - she learned to move forward by experiencing the forgiveness of God on a daily basis, which heals wounds and sovereignly unblocks certain situations.

Nina Charles

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