How a pastor's lost Bible helped a man become a Christian

Pastor Paul Daugherty shares what he calls a "crazy story" on his Facebook page.

Ten years ago, a man named Clayton found a Bible at a shelter. This Bible was full of annotations, underlined verses, scribbled thoughts. All this puzzled Clayton, who was interested in all these notes.

So over time, on occasion, Clayton would read one or the other of these notes…until he met God and became a Christian.

In this Bible, a name, P. Daugherty. This name is that of the pastor of an American mega-church, Paul Daugherty. He had lost his Bible 15 years ago and had the joy of seeing it again, in the hands of Clayton, who had come to meet him, at church, with his whole family!

And this “crazy story”, as Paul Daugherty says, he told it on Facebook.

In the comments, several people expressed their wish that their lost Bibles could allow someone to turn to Jesus!


Image credit: Shutterstock / Freedom Studio

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