Hoaxes, scams, false rumors, urban legends and… anti-Christian strategy?

October 2014, the article in an American newspaper shows, with supporting photos, the discovery in the waters of the Red Sea of ​​the remains of Pharaoh's army, striking proof of the veracity of the account of the Exodus and the reality of the famous plagues of Egypt.

En 2010, a series of videos shot on Mount Ararat in Turkey, show us the interior of an accessible part of the remains of Noah's Ark - wooden wreck, frozen in the ice for millennia and finally found by a Chinese team. A film retracing this major discovery of the remains of Noah's Ark has been produced and screened in the USA and Australia. A French version of this exceptional document is planned. In France the Figaro, among many others, echoes this.

Almost 20 years ago, we still remember, an American journalist caused a stir by publishing in quick succession two books on the Secret Code of the Bible. He brought out a fantastic way to decipher the future from the original Hebrew text. Thousands of articles followed on the web, with the arrival of a new line of "biblical text specialists", freshly converted to Hebrew, who will keep their audience spellbound with breathtaking discoveries. Finally, we have the mathematical proof of the literal inspiration of the Bible, and at the same time the means of "deciphering" history - without even having studied it.

More recently, reappeared the article of a famous American "researcher" who discovered, under the rock of Golgotha ​​in Jerusalem, near the garden of the Tomb, the presence of the ancient Ark of the Covenant. The extraordinary discovery of this Indiana Jones even shows, with video to support it, the crevice through which the blood of Jesus oozed to the Ark of the Covenant, which he discovered underground exactly at this place, a few meters just under the cross. Fabulous !

Of course, each time - and we can easily understand this - many Christians rejoice in these discoveries, relay them, and sometimes even create a buzz! One can easily imagine the outbursts of laughter from the authors of some of these inventions. Realize: their hoaxes have been taken seriously by cohorts of believers - "gullible" believers - who have even relayed them without further verification or form of trial. Hard hard !

The story could end there, if the multiplication of this kind of rumors did not sometimes closely follow, or even completely mask, real discoveries. Less spectacular, but no less important. What better way than to cry wolf, to make sure that no one will pay attention to the wolf when it really does come!

Everyone knows the story. It may well be that we are faced with a phenomenon of the same kind, aimed at disgusting believers with any honest inquiry which might support the veracity of Scripture. The more or less long-term danger is then obviously to sink into an unfounded spirituality, a mystical faith, disembodied, uprooted from all factual reality and then inevitably leading to chaos and therefore ultimately to the pure and simple disappearance of faith in God of the Bible As a director of documentaries related to the Christian faith, and more simply as a believer, I was quite interested in some of these facts, regardless of the publication of these hoaxes, sometimes years before we don't talk about it. This succession of false rumors led me to ask myself some rather disturbing questions.

The remains of Pharaoh's soldiers

Obviously, you don't have to know much about archeology and biology to imagine that you can find the remains of hundreds of corpses, which have been in the water for no less than 35 centuries. For once it would be a miracle of conservation just as impressive as that of the passage of the Red Sea!

But, beyond the hoax, which certainly cooled a lot of ardor of those who were interested in biblical archeology and the books of Moses, very serious studies continue to be carried out. Investigations are continuing on the possible places of crossing of the "sea of ​​rushes" and the routes that the sons of Israel were able to follow after leaving Egypt. Underwater explorations have indeed been carried out in the tongue of the sea of ​​the Gulf of Aqaba, and some discoveries of interesting remains - findings that will have to be validated - have been made. Old inscriptions have also been found in the desert which bear striking similarities with the text relating to the plagues recorded by the Bible. Studies of the neighboring mountains have made it possible to make very interesting assumptions about the location of certain events related in the Exodus.

In short, research is progressing.

But like all research, it is often slow, it must be validated at each stage and it sometimes leads to dead ends. But this research does exist and has cleared the ground quite a bit by providing new information. But who will care, since from now on everyone will keep a respectful distance from any new "discovery".

Scalded cat fears cold water ”says the proverb (don't look for the biblical reference :))

The remains of Noah's Ark on the Ararat

When the first videos appeared on Youtube, I started to educate myself, and within a few weeks I was able to get in touch with the Taiwanese production team for the film. As the film was then being edited, I started negotiations in order to find out the conditions for making a French version - in case the film “holds up”.

For its authors, it was such a huge document that it was going to be the subject of numerous diffusions all over the planet. They had to keep control of this archaeological "bomb". A part of mystery prevented me from having direct access to the most basic information.

It should be noted that the question had interested me for years. At the time of the investigation "In the footsteps of Noah's Ark" carried out by an American producer, I had already gathered a certain amount of serious documents on the question. I had personally met James Irwin, the famous astronaut who had walked on the moon and launched a series of expeditions on the Ararat. He told me that the photos he was able to take of the remains seen on the Ararat were interesting, but insufficient. He was still a scientist, and although what he had seen had convinced him personally, he knew that more relevant material would have to be gathered.

Anyway, when the production team finally sent me the English version of the film, you can imagine my haste. It didn't take me more than 5 minutes to figure out that this was a fake. Despite the great reinforcement of synthetic images, special effects and enthusiastic statements from the “actors”, it was obvious that this was a huge hoax. The strings were a little too thick. Weeks of investigations and the results of investigations by the scientists asked at the start of the project, subsequently confirmed the sad reality to me.

Someone had dared to create a fake from scratch, with incredible audacity, press conferences, communication plan etc. Incredible and yet true. This new adventure made me aware, with a new acuteness, of the very real dark maneuvers put into action to mislead and discourage true believers. Creepy.

Since this unfortunate episode, no one dares to mention the possibility of a new expedition on Ararat, no longer any article mentioning the GPS coordinates of the pieces of wood found previously, or radiometric dating of interesting samples or ... not the least. trace of examination of the accounts of possible eyewitnesses.

Move on, we tell you.

There is nothing more to see.

The Drosnin case and the Codes of the Bible

When three Israeli mathematicians published their article in the journal Statistical Science in 1994, I had already been interested in this kind of phenomenon for a long time. I even then wrote a refutation, on a strictly mathematical level, of the “discoveries” of Ivan Panin, a Russian scholar who announced that he had demonstrated the literal inspiration of the biblical text from gematria and other numerical values. Yet even though the weaknesses of his approach were obvious (he obviously didn't know much about statistics and probabilities) I was convinced that we were not tackling the problem from the right end.

But no one seemed to know from what angle to attack him. Then came this article. This time it was a real publication, in a real journal. Interesting. These mathematicians had also published a book, but it was in Hebrew… I got a copy and had it translated. Very interesting, but difficult for my level to draw a clear conclusion.

Then came Drosnin, an American journalist who had scented the vein and wrote a bestseller where he happily mixed up a bit of everything, flirting with esotericism, aliens and all the panoply of ingredients necessary for a book that sells well. .
And the book sold well.

There followed a huge controversy, a collection of excess in all directions, of extreme positions. So far removed from the state of mind of the three Israeli writers, who were annoyed at the turn of events. They didn't want to answer any more interviews and felt trapped. I was then only able to get one letter from them.

This time again, the research was bypassed. Now those who continue to research in this area, which will perhaps require the development of new mathematical theories, are reduced to the strictest discretion. As a scientist who was interested in the question confided to me: there is certainly something there, but we do not yet have the mathematical tools to demonstrate it.

The discovery of the Ark of the Covenant under Golgotha

Here it is obviously much simpler since the "researcher" in question has never been an archaeologist and has never received the slightest authorization from the Israeli authorities to carry out any excavation ... This is confirmed by the (British) officials of the place in question.

Why then invent such a story? And why put on the Web a video, totally blurry, completed by a drawing of "the cavity containing the Ark" that a 10 year old child could have made? I don't really have an explanation. And of course this "archaeologist" completely ignores the question of the location of Golgotha. Those who know the question can only realize the folly of such a statement….

All of this strongly resembles a planetary enterprise - the protagonists of which are certainly unaware - of pollution and spiritual disarmament of Christians. Fortunately, during this time, new archaeological discoveries come to accredit the statements of the Bible.

Like those carried out in recent years in the City of David, an archaeological site south of the walls of the old city of Jerusalem. You do not know ? Is that so ?? It is true that no one talks about them. Pity.

So go ahead, tell me about it!

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Patrick vauclair, director

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